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The AGV Pista GP R is based on the already amazing Pista GP. It's even more focussed on the track with a bigger rear spoiler, a hydration system, a thicker visor for extra protection and -finally- emergency release cheek pads. A carbon fiber outer shell in no less than 4 shell sizes and a customizable inner lining for a perfect fit. The Pista GP R is the ultimate racing helmet!



Rossi took his iconic Soleluna design and gave it a little funk for the 2016 season. With more color than its predecessor, the Soleluna 2016 has Rossi written all over it. Might just be one of our favorite Rossi helmets to date!

AGV shocked the world with their Pista GP helmet a few years ago. The AGV Pista GP R is its successor and it's even more focussed on usability at the track. They equipped their flagship helmet with an even larger rear spoiler for furtherly enhanced aerodynamics. The new biplano spoiler reduces the amount of lift even further and creates perfect stability now matter how fast you're going. Like it's brother the Corsa R, the Pista GP R now has a thicker visor (up to 5 mm thick) to provide excellent protection in the event of an accident. The new visor locking mechanism is a little bit recessed to minimize the chance of something hitting the release button and opening the visor. Something you really don't want to happen while sliding into the gravel...

A big gripe of the Pista GP was the lack of a emergency cheek pad removal system. The Pista GP R is now equipped with a patented safety release system to take care of this. To further enhance performance on the track, you will find a hydration system included in the box. The hydration system conveniently runs across the bottom of the helmet and can be connected to a hydration system in your race suit. The new Race 3 visor is PinLock MaxVision ready (Pinlock insert is included) to make sure you have maximum field of view, even in poor climatic conditions.

Apart from the new features, the Pista GP R still sports all the good stuff from its predecessor: 4 Outer shell sizes to keep the weight and dimensions of the helmet to a minimum, a lightweight carbon fiber shell, Integrated Ventilation System with channels hollowed directly in the shell for maximum airflow and a customizable internal liner to match the shape of your head for a perfect fit. The Pista GP R truly is the ultimate racing helmet. Don't just take our word for it.. just take a look at half the MotoGP field if you want to make sure!

Special Features

  • Shell:Lightweight carbon fiber, 4 shell sizes
  • Visor: Optical class 1, 5 mm thick, Pinlock MaxVision visor
  • Lining:Customizable inner lining for perfect fit
  • Retention System:Double-D chin strap
  • Ventilation system:Integrated Ventilation System
  • Extra: Hydration system
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand AGV
Helmet Type Pista GP R
Main Color No
Sub Colors No
Finish No
Double-D Chinstrap No
Sun Visor No
Homologation ECE 22.05
Shell Material Carbon