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About us

ChromeBurner once started as a hobby, selling limited edition AGV helmets from a storage unit. Passion, hard work and innovative thinking paid off and now we are the largest, internationally active motorgear retailer in the Netherlands. Better yet; we are amongst the top 5 of largest motorgear retailers in Europe. And don't think we have reached our peak yet! At ChromeBurner we go the extra mile. For our colleagues and for our customers worldwide. We make motorgear, helmets and accessories available for customers from Alaska to Zambia, from Aprilia-fanatics to Zongshen-enthusiasts. If you like bikes and your own safety, you've come to the right place! We try to tick all the boxes with honest advice, a customer support team aimed at providing the best possible service and a warehouse loaded with only the best products available. This is not just what we do. This is who we are!

Rob - Owner & CEO
Rob has a history in selling helmets. It started as a hobby but look where he is now: CEO of the no. 1 helmet and motorcycle clothing store in The Netherlands. From an eagle’s perspective he likes to keep an eye on what’s going on but he insists his employees have enough room for self-development. In general just a very nice guy with a heart for motorcycle gear!

Nicky - E-commerce & Sales Manager
Collecting CDs, organizing Rockabilly festivals and even managing to find the time to ride his Suzuki GSR 750. No wonder he has to work late almost every single day! But the rest of us don’t care, it’s just very convenient to have someone answer customer questions after six! Nicky manages the E-commerce & Sales department with the very highest level of customer service always in mind.

Jan - Sales Manager
Jan is our no-nonsense, hard-earning, small town folk sales manager. Originating from a village the rest of us can hardly pronounce (or is it just Jan’s accent?) but instead of a career as a farmer he chose to go to business school instead. A wise choice because Jan has every customer’s best interest at heart and will stop at nothing to keep you happy!

John - Product Specialist
John used to be Jan’s school buddy and somehow he managed to end up working for the same company. No one is sure what his mother feeds him, but judging by his size we suspect nothing but protein powders and pure iron. John is our product specialist for all major brands. He is a bit of a know-it-all but he does seem to know it all!

Leroy - Design & Marketing / Customer Service
Between Rock and Metal concerts and playing Dungeons and Dragons, Leroy is the creative and goofy of the bunch. He likes to create cool marketing content from scratch and helps keeping our website up to date. As a bonus he helps keeping our customers happy by using his excellent problem solving skills and answering any questions you may have!

Kevin - Customer service coordinator / E-commerce & Sales / Product Management
Kevin drives our customer service team, is involved in plenty of sales related projects and keeps track of new products and making sure they are listed on our website. He likes to spend his spare time as a freelance motorcycle journalist, taking his Kawasaki ZX-6R to the racetrack and fixing (not riding) his Aprilia Tuono. But hey, the Tuono isn’t unreliable, it’s charming.. right Kev?

Nadja - Administration & Back Office
Nadja is one of our two Russian ladies. Nadja is very accurate and has a great eye for detail: whether it’s putting on make-up, selecting her outfit or taking care of the administration, she likes to “check, check, double-check!” to make sure everything is perfect. We also ask her for help during communication with our Russian customers.

Sergen - Design
Sergen is one of our two design guru’s. Specialized in playing online video games and creating video animations but doesn’t mind creating cool static content as well. If we are in need of a product video, flyer, Facebook ad or anything else requiring the use of design software no one else understands, Sergen is our go-to guy!

Koen - Webshop moderator / Customer service
Koen manages our eBay listings and keeps our webshop inventory up to date. He has been a part of Chromeburner for 5 years already and knows the company and its processes like the back of his hand. As a hobby he likes to run around town and jump over benches, fences and climb walls. He likes to call it Freerunning, but his mother thinks he’s just being reckless. Oh well!

Bram - Warehouse
Bram is 50% of our full-time warehouse team. He likes to goof around and pull pranks on you when you’re not paying attention, but if need be he’s the fastest warehouse picking operator you’ll ever see. He’s also pretty fast on the track in our monthly Go-Karting Championship… maybe we have to feed him some of John’s food to have him gain some weight..

Maikel - Warehouse
Maikel is Bram’s warehouse buddy. Running around, picking and packaging orders and processing returns all while listening to horrible Dutch folk music. Luckily his music choice is limited to one hour each day to keep the rest of us from going insane. His weekends are filled with beer and football. No one cheers louder than Maikel when Feyenoord Rotterdam scores a goal!

Elke - Administration / HR
Elke is our head of administration and human resources. She's been with the company for a long time already, being here from the very beginning basically! She knows all the ins and outs and works with great accuracy. This, plus the fact that she also takes care of our paychecks means we have to be careful not to get her angry with us!

Sjoerd - Store assistant / Marketing
Sjoerd is our creative marketing machine. He is always at the sharp end of the latest developments in the world of motorcycles. Gas runs through his veins, resulting in him switching cars and bikes about every other month. If it has wheels, Sjoerd digs it! Between setting up marketing campaigns, Sjoerd helps out in our store a lot.

Gabrielle - French business developer / Customer service
Born in England, raised in France and living in The Netherlands. Of course she’s fluent in English and French and lucky for us, her Dutch is improving rapidly as well. Gaby loves to travel, dying her hair in funny colors and dancing at underground parties with loud music. Apart from assisting with customer service, she focuses on reaching out to our French-speaking customers to expand our business.

Sanne - Store assistant / Warehouse
Sanne is a high school student, helping out in our store and warehouse whenever she can. The silent type, but don’t underestimate her. We once went airsofting with the whole team and she was wreaking havoc and kicking butt. Pretty much like the rest of the warehouse team she likes to play football in the weekends.

Tiffany - Administration
Tiffany spends her business days in Maastricht in and around university, but on Saturdays (and if we’re lucky some hours during the week as well) she takes care of our administration. She is insanely accurate and meticulous, two characteristics the rest of us appreciates when she is working on our paychecks as well!

Daan - Warehouse 
Daan is a cousin of Bram's and together they make a pretty dynamic duo. They even come from the same village and just like Bram, Daan likes to play football, have some beers and trying to act funny. Luckily because of his long legs (the dude is iike 7 feet tall), he walks fast and this comes in pretty handy on the job picking orders!

Ernst - Warehouse
Another addition to our team at the warehouse, Ernst is our silent force behind the scenes. When he first started working at ChromeBurner, he was the silent and polite type but we like to think we kind of ruined him... in the most positive way of course! When he's not working, he likes to play a video game or two (or three, four, five..).

Lennart - Warehouse / Webshop moderator
Dedicated fitboy, fanatic festivalgoer and likes to look good riding his two-wheeled piece of machinery: a mustard yellow metallic Vespa 50cc scooter. It's not fast, but it looks good! When he's not at school, Lennart helps us out in the warehouse and behind the scenes of our website. He's pretty versatile and never complains so we like to take advantage of that!

Onür - Warehouse
Onur is a highschool student and helps us out in the warehouse part time. Onür is a big guy and he likes to throw a few punches left and right in the boxing ring. Our advice: keep him on your friendly side because trust us when we say you're are not going to be able to dodge his right hook! Luckily during work he has a good spirit and positive vibe!

Lara - Warehouse
Another one of our warehouse part timers; Lara is a highschool student and helps us out in the afternoons and weekends when she can. Somehow she has the same hobby as Koen; freerunning. We now have two of those in the company but we still don't get it.. oh well! At least her agility and fysical fitness come in handy when she's running around picking orders!

Hedy - Intern Design
A very recent addition to the team, Hedy is halfway through her education at art school and is doing her internship within our walls. She excels at drawing, illustrating and has a very -sometimes weird- creative mind. She likes to do some Latin dancing, whether it's to salsa, bachata, merengue. As long as it has a nice rhythm, Hedy is a slave to the music!