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Held Bike Cover Professional S-M-L
AU$ 7234 AU$ 8037
Barracuda Motorbike Cover Size XL
AU$ 6021 AU$ 6689
Held Cover Basic SilverCover
AU$ 6027 AU$ 6697
Tecmate Optimate TM-O02 SAE72 12V Plug
AU$ 3734 AU$ 4150
Fulbat Fulload 1000 Battery Tender
AU$ 3888 AU$ 6428
Grandacc Supercover 2.0 Black
AU$ 2610 AU$ 4015
Tecmate Optimate TM-O29 Adapter Cable SAE to 12V
AU$ 4820 AU$ 5355
Fulbat Fultest 1
AU$ 2078 AU$ 3479
Tecmate Optimate 6 Select
AU$ 20626 AU$ 22917
Tecmate Optimate 5 Voltmatic
AU$ 15082 AU$ 16758
Tecmate Optimate Test Ts126
AU$ 7112 AU$ 7903
Tecmate Optimate 4 Dual Charger
AU$ 11698 AU$ 12998
Tecmate Optimate 2
Tecmate Optimate 2
AU$ 9284 AU$ 10316
Tecmate Optimate 7 Select
AU$ 25452 AU$ 28280
Tecmate Optimate Lithium X 4
AU$ 41620 AU$ 46245
Tecmate Optimate Pro 8 S
AU$ 140557 AU$ 156174
Tecmate Optimate 7 12V/24V Battery Tender
AU$ 25453 AU$ 28280
Tecmate Optimate Pro S
AU$ 31124 AU$ 34581
Tecmate Optimate Test Ts120
AU$ 7112 AU$ 7903
Held Bike Cover Professional XXXL
AU$ 10854 AU$ 12059
Tecmate Optimate 5 4A
AU$ 12904 AU$ 14338
Tecmate Optimate 6 12V 24V
AU$ 20626 AU$ 22917
Tecmate Optimate Lithium 5.0A
AU$ 20626 AU$ 22917
Claw Reminder Cable 150cm
AU$ 481 AU$ 535
Tecmate Optimate 4 Can Bus Edition 1A
AU$ 12783 AU$ 14204
Held Bike Cover Professional XL-XXL
AU$ 9044 AU$ 10048
Grandacc Supercover Basic Blue Silver
AU$ 2436 AU$ 3747
Barracuda Motorbike Cover Size M
AU$ 6021 AU$ 6689
Tecmate Optimate 3
Tecmate Optimate 3
AU$ 10129 AU$ 11255
Tecmate Optimate 3 X 2
AU$ 21470 AU$ 23856
Tecmate Optimate 3 X 4
AU$ 40534 AU$ 45038
Tecmate Optimate 1 Duo
AU$ 7233 AU$ 8037
Tecmate Optimate 6 Ampmatic
AU$ 16162 AU$ 17958
Tecmate Optimate 7 Ampmatic
AU$ 23160 AU$ 25733
Tecmate Optimate Dc To Dc
AU$ 11798 AU$ 13393
Tecmate Optimate Pro 4
AU$ 133438 AU$ 148264

Items 1-36 of 42

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Motorcycle storage and security

Ideally speaking, we want to ride our bikes 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! However when we dream of this, reality kicks in and we have to accept that sometimes the bike sits in our garage unused, waiting for us to come back and take it out for a ride again. During those times, you want your motorcycle to be safe and sound. In our storage and security category, you will find products to help you accomplish just that!

What kind of lock do I need for my motorcycle?

To store your motorcycle safely, you will want to get a good quality motorcycle lock. We sell a variety of motorcycle locks. The easiest way to lock your motorcycle is by using a disc brake lock. These locks go onto your brake disc, preventing your wheel from rotating and thus making it very hard for a thief to transport your bike. Disc locks are compact, portable and reasonably lightweight making them ideal for coming along on a multi-day ride. If you want to go all out, you might want to consider a heavy chain lock. Paired to a fixed point like a lamp post, wall anchor or a fence, using a chain lock physically connects your bike to this fixed point and making it impossible to move the bike without actually destroying the lock itself. Whatever kind of lock you choose, make sure you purchase one with a security rating accepted by your insurance company for theft coverage! All the locks we sell are ART4 rated.

Why would I need a motorcycle cover?

To make sure your motorcycle gets out of storage looking just as good as when it went into storage, a motorcycle cover really is a must. These covers prevent your bike from getting wet in case you do not have a garage. But even if you do have a garage, these covers prevent humidity and condensation from affecting your bike. It’s also a great way to prevent your motorcycle from getting all dusty or scratched.

What does a battery tender do?

A battery tender, or motorcycle battery charger, is a charger that will keep your motorcycle battery in great condition during the time the bike is in storage. As we all know a motorcycle battery is a pretty delicate piece of equipment and if you leave the bike for too long, or if the temperatures during storage get too low, the battery may die. There’s no worse feeling than finally taking your bike out for a ride again only to realize the bike won’t start! A battery tender is a great investment as trickle charging your battery will make it last longer and you will not have to buy a replacement every year.