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Held Bike Cover Professional S-M-L
AU$ 7234 AU$ 8037
Barracuda Motorbike Cover Size XL
AU$ 6021 AU$ 6689
Held Cover Basic SilverCover
AU$ 6027 AU$ 6697
Grandacc Supercover 2.0 Black
AU$ 2610 AU$ 4015
Held Bike Cover Professional XXXL
AU$ 10854 AU$ 12059
Held Bike Cover Professional XL-XXL
AU$ 9044 AU$ 10048
Grandacc Supercover Basic Blue Silver
AU$ 2436 AU$ 3747
Barracuda Motorbike Cover Size M
AU$ 6021 AU$ 6689
Dainese Explorer Black Bike Cover
AU$ 9646 AU$ 10718

9 Items

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Motorcycle covers

Find your motorcycle cover here! They are available in multiple sizes!

Why use a motorcycle cover?

In short, to keep your motorcycle in optimal condition! The motorcycle covers do not only protect your bike against, for example, dust, but are made to keep your motorcycle in good condition in a great variety of weather conditions. They are of course waterproof and have eyelets for security locks and chains. An absolute must have to keep your bike in an optimal condition and definitely worth the investment! If you are planning to stall your bike for a longer period of time, don’t forget to take a look at our battery tenders, to keep your motorcycle battery healthy for as long as possible!

Why buy at Chromeburner?

When you buy your motorcycle gear at ChromeBurner, you benefit from our unique services. We send our products worldwide and fast: if you order on time, we will send the product the same day, so you can enjoy your motorcycle gear as soon as possible! Still have doubts? Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have! Our team is ready to help you find the right motorcycle gear!