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Schuberth SC1 Standard Bluetooth Communication System
AU$ 236 90 AU$ 294 31
Schuberth SC10U Bluetooth Communication System
AU$ 278 95 AU$ 350 37
Schuberth SC1 Advanced Bluetooth Communication System
AU$ 259 26 AU$ 364 39
Schuberth SC1M Bluetooth Communication System
AU$ 297 11 AU$ 350 37

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Schuberth electronics

Schuberth is a German brand which has been active since the 1940’s. They started with producing safety helmets but quickly expanded their business to motorcycle helmets. From there on they are known for their outstanding quality, supreme wearing comfort and low noise levels. They pride themselves for their huge wind tunnel testing facility and that pays off. To complement their low noise helmets, they also produce communication systems.

Schuberth motorcycle electronics

Here at ChromeBurner we have a nice selection of Schuberth motorcycle electronics. These Schuberth communication systems excel on different aspects. They are all high quality, but some are more basic while others offer the ability to connect with loads more riders with a bigger range. The Schuberth communication systems are compatible with their corresponding Schuberth helmets. A few models of their helmets already have the microphone, speakers and antenna integrated in the helmets. The rest of the system easily clicks in the premade compartments in the helmet.

Benefits of buying Schuberth from ChromeBurner

When you buy your new Schuberth electronics at ChromeBurner you will benefit from our great guarantees. We offer fast worldwide shipping and low prices. Because of our large stock we can guarantee that all orders will be shipped as quickly as possible. Our other guarantee is a lowest price guarantee. This way you will never pay too much for your Schuberth electronics if you order from us and you won’t have to wait long for your order to arrive at your door.

Have any questions about Schuberth communication systems?

Schuberth electronics are a great choice, especially paired with one of their helmets. We try to offer all the information you need in the descriptions of our products, but if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message. Our gear geeks are happy to help!