Brembo 17 RCS Corsa Corta

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  • Adjustable: Biting point 3 settings, Lever pivot distance 18-20mm, Lever travel
  • Piston diameter: 17mm
  • Brand: Brembo
  • Master cylinder type: Brake cylinder
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The Brembo radial master cylinder with 6 different brake modulation options. The 19RCS CORSA CORTA is characterized by the possibility it provides the rider to adapt the braking "bite point" to the desired riding feeling, in addition to the RCS (Ratio Click System), introduced 10 years ago on the Brembo 19RCS radial brake master cylinder, which allows the center distance of the master cylinder to be adjusted to "18" or "20".

The meticulous study to improve the master cylinder has allowed Brembo to propose three brake master cylinders in one and to further improve braking system performance. Furthermore, taking advantage of the mixture stemming from the 18 to 20 center distance and the three maps - R,S,N - no less than 6 different combinations can be attained. The play selector lets the rider choose between the three different available feeling maps. With the Normal map, the bite point position is such to guarantee a more gradual initial phase and is therefore suitable for city riding or braking in poor grip conditions. With the Sport map, the bite point position is such to shorten the initial phase compared to the N setting. This second map allows for a more dynamic response and a sportier riding style. Lastly, with the Race map, the eccentric device allows the initial phase to be shortened even more, taking it to a minimum value at the same level as the master cylinders used in MotoGP: this way, the rider is able to reach the braking bite point at lighting fast speeds. This third map is ideal for a racing riding style that shaves off precious hundredths of a second in braking.

The RCS system (Ratio Click System), on the other hand, shifts the distance between the fulcrum point and the point of application on the master cylinder push rod by 2 millimeters: this results in a different distribution of the braking force without it being modified in terms of pure power. The master cylinder body is made of forge aluminum alloy, machined with 5-axis CAM technology. A hard oxide coating is used for the surface finish, which guarantees that the master cylinder main body is highly resistant to wear and its components move easily. The floating piston and the seals derive directly from those used in MotoGP, as do the housings for the bleeding and fueling systems, which are inclined by more than 30° to make bleeding the master cylinder easier. A study was conducted for the design of the 19RCS CORSA CORTA in order to find consistency of style between all the components of the master cylinder, which now has a distinct, dynamic and sporty look in line with the style of the bikes for which it was conceived (model or design filed simultaneously with the filing of the patent on the technological solution).

The lever assembly can be replaced without disassembling the RCS system (Ratio Click System) from the master cylinder and this allows the calibrations made in the installation phase to be maintained unaltered.

additional information

Brand Brembo
Is on Sale No
Master cylinder type Brake cylinder
Riding Style Race/Sport
Adjustable Biting point 3 settings, Lever pivot distance 18-20mm, Lever travel
Piston diameter 17mm
Brake Cylinder Size 17 RCS
Extra information Brake light switch included, Handlebar fixing Ø 22.2 mm, Long lever

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What exactly does RCS entail?

RCS stands for Ratio Click System. With this you can switch the siphon effect of the brake pump between 2 values. This creates a different braking action in response to the distance you pull in the brake lever.

What is so special about the Corsa Corta series?

The Corsa Corta series has an extra mechanism with which you can choose between three different ‘’responsiveness’’ settings. With this you determine how quickly the brake applies when you squeeze the brake lever. Ranging from a normal setting on which the bite point starts more gradually, that's desirable for easy city riding. All the way up to the race setting on which the bite point is instantaneous, which would be ideal for use on the race track.

Do these master cylinders fit my bike straight out of the box, or do I have to take other things into account?

On you can check which Brembo products are suitable for your motorcycle. If your motorcycle is not listed, it does not mean that an RCS brake pump cannot be mounted on your bike! In that case, please contact our customer service and they will see if they can help you further.

Will my engine brake harder with this master cylinder?

Only if the Brembo brake cylinder you install has a larger diameter than the original brake pump. But an RCS pump is not really meant for that! The biggest advantage of a Brembo RCS pump is the increase in feel and accuracy when braking.


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