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Meet our team

Rob has a history in selling helmets. It started out as a hobby, but look where it has gotten him: CEO of the no. 1 helmet and motorcycle clothing specialist in The Netherlands. In general just a very nice guy with a heart for motorcycle gear!

During working hours he leads the E-commerce & Sales team, always with the highest degree of customer satisfaction in mind. In his spare time he likes to listen to music and he has more records than the local record store!

Jan is our no-nonsense, hard-earning, small town folk sales manager. Instead of a career as a farmer, he opted for Commercial Economics and that turned out to be a good decision. As Sales Director, he has a large share in the growth that ChromeBurner is experiencing!

Oscar keeps an eye on our finances and ensures that there’s more coming in than going out. And luckily that is going well! He has no real plans to start riding yet, but admits it is starting to itch!

If anyone has a passion for motorcycles, it's Kevin. Off-roading, hitting the tracks or just touring is a choice he has to make every weekend. At ChromeBurner he is responsible for all content on the website and ensures that every customer is treated kindly!

Maikel decided to stay here after his graduation internship and is now he is the Yin in the warehouse. Good guy, but with a terrible taste in music… His great love: the football club Feyenoord. In addition to watching football, he can often be found in the gym.

Bram is the Yang of warehouse management. He likes to fool around and tricks you if you don't pay attention, but is dead serious when it comes to work. In his spare time, he likes to play football and enjoys sailing.

Well, what is this guy not? He is the joker at ChromeBurner and has an opinion about everything. It's hard not to notice John given his build size and verbal communication. He can often be found in our gym and helps colleagues to become as big as he is. He is also the proud owner of a Kawasaki Z800 Sugomi edition!

Christy is a real fun person and this is reflected in her interaction with customers. Every call and email is handled with the utmost care. In her free time she can often be found with a good glass of wine on a terrace and in the summer she tries to visit as many festivals as possible!

Stijn is our all-round marketer who runs both our online and offline marketing. Conversion rates, cost-per-click, return on ad spend ... even though it sounds crazy, he loves it... Everyone has their thing right? You can recognize him by his shoes, because he only wears Nike Air Max 1’s.

Jeroen is responsible for everything related to the development of our website and IT systems. Car mechanic at the beginning of his career, but he has found his passion in development! In his spare time, he is always in for a good movie and likes to spend time with his family.

Sergen is our design guru and understands Photoshop like no other. He is only satisfied when his project is perfect. He spends his free time with games and dumbbells. His dream? A Toyota GT86. Well, four-wheel-people are also welcome in our team…

Sebastiaan ensures that all products are on our website and answers customer questions in multiple languages. He obtained his vocabulary in other languages ​​during his travels. He prefers to go as far away as possible! He will soon start motorcycling and wants to travel the world on a Ténéré 700!

Diana arranges everything related to the Spanish-speaking countries. She wanted to work with Latin America and is given this opportunity with us. She already knows how to ride a motorcycle and learned this on a Yamaha TTR250. Now she just has to get a motorcycle license and then she can also hit the road! Who knows, maybe she can discover her favorite countries in South America by bike!

Her love for Germany comes in handy at ChromeBurner, because she keeps in touch with German-speaking customers and partners. She is also looking for opportunities that exist across the border. In her spare time she likes to walk the dog. Strangely no German Shepherd!

After completing her studies, Adriènne started looking for a job at a company that appealed to her and where she felt at home, and she found it with us! She ensures that customer questions are answered in a friendly manner and brings cheerfulness to the company. But do not argue with her, she is a fanatic boxer!

Kevin started an internship at ChromeBurner and continued working here after his graduation. He is mainly involved in creating content and sharing it on social media. He enjoys his spare time with photography, football, BMWs and his MT-09.

After Rob, Koen has been with ChromeBurner for the longest. He's been through just about everything within ChromeBurner. That Koen is a real go-getter is also evident from the fact that he always comes by bike, rain or sunshine. He also likes to travel, play his guitar and staying fit through calisthenics!

Our Mother Superior Bep ensures that our shop, office and canteen always look picture perfect. Because Bep is always busy making our mess invisible, she likes to keep her head organized in her spare time by walking or cycling. Bad weather? Then you'll probably find Bep in her easy chair with a word puzzle.

Bram loves everything with two wheels. He currently has a collection of old Africa Twins and can easily keep up with the supersports. During working hours, he ensures that every customer is provided with the best personal service and walks out the showroom with a good feeling!

Lara has been working with us in the warehouse for quite some time. She does not drive a motorcycle yet, but there are plans to start, with the ultimate goal of shredding the Dutch roads on a BMW Café Racer!

Tim was looking for a nice side job in which he could combine his biggest hobby: motorcycle riding. Since then he has been an integral part of our team. On his KTM Duke 390 he makes it difficult for many motorcyclists to catch up with him. His dream bike? A Ducati Panigale V4!

Ilona can also be found in our showroom and will assist you with excellent personal advice. Ask her anything about riding gear and she will know the answer. Few colleagues are as sporty as Ilona: Longboarding, snowboarding and almost all water sports, she does it all!

Carit is a real born vivant. Actually, she only does things that make her happy. Visiting festivals, taking road trips and riding on her restored Honda Rebel 450. She has the ambition to become ChromeBurner's best sales advisor. Watch out, Bram!

Remon is a street biker and can be found in our showroom. He is enthusiastic, eager to learn and does everything with the right motivation. When you see him, you can probably guess what his biggest hobby is, which is swinging weights in the gym. But he also plays the piano and recently passed for his motorcycle licence!

Kim completed her graduation assignment with us and continued to work with us part-time. Her creativity knows no boundaries and the designs are of unprecedented class. She's not your typical girl: she loves gaming, Formula 1 and cars!

Tonny has been with us for a few years now and helps keeping ChromeBurner financially healthy. In her free time she likes to go out and do fun things with her grandchildren. She loves reading a good book and solves puzzles without any effort!

Nick came to work here on a part-time basis. He helps the marketing team with writing texts in languages ​​other than Dutch, because Nick has a some nice language skills! He likes to spend his free time playing hockey, fishing, gaming and meeting friends. Oh yes, and he is also doing a study besides all of this!

Wessel recently joined our warehouse team. In his spare time, he is the goalkeeper of his football team, so a real team player and anticipating quickly is no problem for Wessel!

Tommy joined ChromeBurner through his graduation internship and then continued working for us. Tommy is the type "No words, but actions". He is a silent enjoyer and a really hard worker.

Jochem is part of the warehouse team. Plans to start motorcycling have already been made and his first bike should be a Yamaha YZF R125! For now: working at ChromeBurner and spend time with friends!

Len is from Rosmalen and supports the warehouse team to pack and ship your orders as quickly as possible. We can use his strategic thinking and actions that he developed and uses with poker!

Sophie likes to sport with friends and that comes in handy with us! She ensures that products are in the right place at the right time. She walks around the building a lot, so you will have a hard time finding her!

Bas is onze systeembeheerder en zorgt ervoor dat alle interne ICT-systemen feilloos werken. Server onderhoud, back-ups maken, storingen fixen, hij doet het allemaal. In zijn vrije tijd brengt hij veel tijd door met zijn gezin en gaat graag wandelen.

Dani helps Tonny and Oscar process the numbers. Book invoices, send them out and everything that is related to that. He is a real team player with a lot of discipline!

Onur has actually been with ChromeBurner for many years and spends a lot of time here in the warehouse during his weekends and holidays. He still likes the job and we do not see Onur leaving any time soon. We like to have him around, because he is always up for jokes that are secretly quite funny and above everything, he works hard!

Sebas is doing an internship in the warehouse. He is a hard worker, but always in for a doll. In his spare time, he often works out with weights in the gym and likes to enjoy a drink on a terrace.