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Introducing our new brand ambassador Cavelle Jestican!

Introducing our new brand ambassador Cavelle Jestican!
1 years ago

We recently teamed up with Cavelle Jestican as a brand ambassador for ChromeBurner! She will introduce herself in the blogpost below, along with her ambitions and her vision on this ambassadorship together with us!

Blonde girl with a sportbike is how most people could recognize me if they didn’t know me but after reading this you could call me Cavelle, as I’ll introduce myself and let you know a little bit more about me!

Cavelle Jestican

I was born in Newfoundland Canada. It’s an island on the most eastern point of Canada. I’m just a normal girl who comes home from work, hangs out with her dog, drinks way too much coffee and goes to meet up with friends to go for a ride! During the dreadful winter I like to focus on gym training and counting down the days till spring lol.

I’m a girl who loves to dress up, put on makeup and say “oh my goodness that’s so cute“ when I see something glittery or pink, but I also have a side where I like to wear everything black, wear comfy hoodies and that’s not afraid to get dirty working on the bike.

Cavelle Jestican

My dad had bikes growing up and I guess that’s where being a biker got in my blood. It wasn’t until my teens that I had an interest in the two wheel lifestyle. I randomly had an idea to buy a dirt bike, A Yamaha ttr 125 to be exact! After buying it that day I brought it up into the woods to learn how to ride it! I eventually sold that bike to get a bigger dirt bike but then got sucked into the street world when I decided to buy my first motorcycle instead . It’s been about 5 years since then and I’m on my 3rd bike now! My current bike is a 2012 yamaha r6!

She’s fast, she looks great and she stole my heart. My r6 has custom rose gold fairings and projector headlights that kinda make her look evil! She definitely catches attention! We have traveled so far together and created so many great memories already!

I loved my bike so much I started taking pictures of her and uploading to Instagram! This is where I discovered a new world of biking that I never knew existed! I also have a creative side so I could combine my love for my bike, my other hobby of photography and getting to be creative all at the same time!

It’s been about a year and a half of being on Instagram and we’ve grown together quite a bit! Being on Instagram has opened up new opportunities for me to share and promote what I love! Which is why I recently teamed up with ChromeBurner! I look forward to this friendship and I am grateful to them for supporting me through my early journey! It’s been great so far! They have been so positive and so easy to communicate with! I’ve been wearing the Jack Miller AGV Corsa R helmet and Dainese 2 PC Suit from them and I am loving rocking this gear! They definitely have made me look and feel professional .The AGV Jack Miller is becoming harder to find online but I was so pleased to see ChromeBurner had it! It’s the perfect helmet because it combines pink with the traditional Yamaha blue ! And it looks like a crown and every bike queen needs a nice crown!

Cavelle Jestican

So what now ? You may ask. I hope to be a motorcycle ambassador that gets to travel and promote what I love. Getting to know people , them letting me take a glimpse into their biking lifestyle, learning more about my bike and acquiring more skill everyday! Sharing my passion with the world is what I commit to!

So as my blog post ends , the story definitely doesn’t! I’m excited to see what the future holds for both me and ChromeBurner! I think we make a great team. If you’d like to follow along the journey, you can find me on Instagram @cjestican!

Remember! Rubber side down! Have fun & Ride safe my friends!

Posted in: Bike Talk