Gift Cards

Do you have gift vouchers?
Unfortunately, we do not yet have gift vouchers for sale online via our webshop. However, we can create a personal gift voucher and send it via email. If you would like to receive a gift voucher, please contact our customer service.

For how long are gift vouchers valid?
Our gift vouchers are valid for an unlimited period.

Where can I buy gift vouchers?
You can pick up a gift voucher in our shop. If you prefer to receive a gift voucher online, please contact our customer service.

Can I redeem other gift vouchers on your website?
Currently, we only accept our own gift vouchers.

Are you not able to figure it out?

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We would love to help you!  You could send an email to or you could give us a call on: +1 437 888 3114
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