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Midland BTX2 Pro S LR Twinpack
CA$ 39702 CA$ 54578
Midland BT Mini Single
CA$ 11889 CA$ 14150
Midland MH-Pro up to 6.2''
CA$ 3043 CA$ 3804
Midland MH-Pro WC up to 6.5''
CA$ 5707 CA$ 7133
Midland MH-Easy up to 6.2''
CA$ 2853 CA$ 3566
Midland MH-Pro USB up to 6.2''
CA$ 5231 CA$ 6539
Midland BT Mini Duo Communication System
CA$ 20797 CA$ 26040
Midland BTR1 Advanced Single
CA$ 21045 CA$ 26153
Midland XT30 Walkie Talkie Set
CA$ 5707 CA$ 7135
CA$ 1582 CA$ 2260
Midland ER300 Emergency Dynamic Radio
CA$ 7605 CA$ 9507
Midland BTX2 Pro S Single
CA$ 21783 CA$ 27229
Midland BTX2 Pro S LR Single
CA$ 22699 CA$ 30797
Midland BT Next Pro Ultra +BTT Button Single Pack
CA$ 26540 CA$ 33174
Midland BT Next Pro Ultra +BTT Button Dual Pack
CA$ 43662 CA$ 54578
Midland BTR1 Advanced Twin
CA$ 38881 CA$ 47556
Midland BT Next Pro Twinpack
CA$ 40309 CA$ 54578
Midland BT Next Pro Single
CA$ 24850 CA$ 33174

18 Items

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Midland electronics

Midland as a brand was founded in 1959 in a small factory in Kansas City. Since then, Midland has been a world leader in radio communications and consumer electronics. The brand dedicates itself every day to people on the road, whether they are in trucks, cars or on motorcycles. Midland strives to create ''a world where everyone can communicate in an easy and fun way.'' Their team of professionals, engineers, researchers and firmware and hardware designers pays close attention to product quality making Midland brand communication systems are the most advanced, efficient technological solution for group communication.

Midland motorcycle electronics at ChromeBurner

Here at ChromeBurner we have a nice selection of Midland motorcycle electronics. These Midland communication systems excel on different aspects. They offer different amounts of riders that can be connected and different ranges but they are all high quality, pairable with other brands and compatible with helmets of any brand. Most Midland communication systems are available individually or as a twin pack.

Why buy Midland electronics at ChromeBurner?

If you live anywhere in the world and like fast shipping and low prices, ChromeBurner is the place to buy your Midland electronics. If you order your Midland communication system from ChromeBurner you will benefit from fast worldwide shipping and our lowest price guarantee. Because of our large stock, most items can be sent right after you order them. This way you will never pay too much or wait too long for your new Midland electronics.

Need help choosing Midland electronics?

Still have doubts or any questions about our selection of Midland electronics or any of our other motor electronics? Just send us an email with your question to support@chromeburner.com or give us a call on 073 200 80 20 and our gear geeks will happily answer any of your questions!