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X-lite helmets

X-lite is a new brand from the Nolan Company, that produces all of their helmets in Italy. X-lite motorcycle helmets are special, because they are made of composite fibers and are skillfully crafted with the most advanced industrial technology. By only using the best materials available and manufacturing the entire helmet in their own factory, they only produce high quality motorcycle helmets. Great riders like Chaz Davies, Casey Stoner and Danilo Petrucci use X-lite helmets to protect their heads.

Why buy an X-lite helmet?

As a part of Nolan helmets, X-lite helmets are made with a special material called composite fiber shells. This makes the helmet very light weight, but very strong. The perfect combination for a ride that is both comfortable and safe. All X-lite helmets have a Nolan Emergency Release System (NERS), which makes the helmet easily removable after a crash. X-lite helmets provide excellent shock absorption and dispersion, without losing the optimal helmet weight and size. Also, all our road going helmets are ECE approved (no DOT certification).

How should an X-lite helmet fit?

Whether you’re buying a replica helmet, a full face helmet or a jet helmet, it is extremely important that your new helmet has the right fit. Otherwise, you’re head is not optimally protected while riding. X-lite helmets range from size XS to XXL. A motorcycle helmet should fit tightly around your head, but shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Use the size chart in the product description to help you find the perfect X-lite helmet. When you try the helmet on, shake your head from side to side. If the helmet moves independently, it is too big.

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With an X-lite helmet you basically can’t go wrong, unless you pick the wrong size of course. If you have any questions about these helmets, our gear geeks are ready to answer all of them! You can reach us by telephone 073 200 80 20 or send us an email at We offer worldwide shipping for all orders and if you order in time we will ship your order the same day! Check out our other popular brands: AGV helmets | Airoh helmets | Shoei helmets | Scorpion helmets

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