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ChromeBurner originally started as a hobby, however little by little grew into what it is today, thanks to hard work, passion, perseverance and creativity. In recent years, these characteristics have only been further embedded within the company and staff. The work vibe couldn’t get any crazier if we tried! Whether it be racing our bikes, destroying the local Go-Kart course solely to get first place, or when we’re all drooling over the latest products, passion is at the heart of our employees and the engine of our company!

You might be thinking, what does this have to do with sponsoring? Well … everything! The ChromeBurner name and legacy is forever expanding, thus we want to sponsor professional motorcyclists who can be perceived as an extension of the values we stand for. It is very important that our company and those we sponsor are on the same level, always resulting in a win-win situation for both parties.

Your ride, your safety. Our passion.

When we want someone to wear our name, then we’ll always do it in style… and of course safely! Our mission is to provide every customer with the best possible advice and product choices so they can ride their bike in style and safety! We would like to extend these services to the professional side of the motor world! Providing top athletes with the best possible products to make sure that they’re looking good, feeling good and are well protected!

When contemplating sponsorships, there are a lot of angles a company could choose to pursue. We knew we wanted to be part of a motorsport, but which one? MotoGP, Moto2 or 3, World Superbike or the World Supersport? There was more than enough choice, but eventually we decided to support 2 thriving riders: one of which participates in Dakar and the other in the German IDM Supersport 600 championship.

Mirjam Pol (Dakar Rally) 

We welcomed Mirjam Pol to the ChromeBurner team on September 5th 2018. Mirjam is a tough, bad ass rally rider who has a lot of experience in riding under Dakar’s most extreme and challenging conditions. Mirjam was only 22 years old when she first faced the dangers of the Dakar tracks, and she was the first Dutch female motorcycle rider to do so! Young but with 17 years of riding experience under her belt she managed to reach the finish line of the toughest rally in the world. 

But her Dakar adventure was far from over! A spark became a raging fire and she was determined to battle the harsh conditions once again! Mirjam was a force to be reckoned with and gave it her all in the following rallies. Her perseverance was finally rewarded in 2009 when she claimed victory in the women’s classification.

Mirjam’s down to earth attitude and perseverance won us over and it became clear to us that she was the right person for us to sponsor. Mirjam is the perfect addition to the ChromeBurner team and can be seen as an extension of the values we stand for as a company. We are therefore extremely proud to say that we will support Mirjam Pol at Dakar 2019!

Mirjam Pol

Wayne Tessels (IDM Supersport 600)

Wayne and ChromeBurner go way back. We were his personal sponsor back in the days when he was riding in the Superstock 1000 championship for MTM Kawasaki and Agro On Benjan racing. In 2018 we took it up a notch and went to World Supersport 600 with the ChromeBurner Wayne's Racing Team with a Kawasaki ZX-6R. The 2018 season proved to be a tough one and Kawasaki didn't offer any support for the bike because they focussed solely on their endeavours in World Superbike. Therefore, Wayne decided to switch to the German IDM Supersport 600 championship and ride a Yamaha R6 for the SWPN Racing Team and aim for the top positions.

Wayne Tessels