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Lookwell Traffic Noir
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Lookwell Traffic Noir


Riding through traffic in cold weather can be harsh for your hands. Protect them in style with these bulky, extra warm Lookwell Traffic Black gloves.

Manchette Manchette Courte
$CA 38,61

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Lookwell knows what’s up. They have developed the Lookwell Traffic to satisfy the demands of the riders who commute to work on a daily basis. They require a glove that can withstand a punch, keep their hands warm and to keep them dry when the heavens open up. The Lookwell Traffic is therefore the perfect glove. It has a waterproof liner that repels water and is windproof. So, no matter what mother nature is throwing at you, the Traffic will keep you warm and dry. The Lookwell Traffic will also do a good job in protecting your hands if something bad is about to happen. It has Amara fortification inserted in the palm to disperse the force of impact. This will prevent injury and chafing. It also has foam inserts on the fingers and knuckles for even more protection. When it comes to styling the Traffic is not the prettiest kid on the block, but it’s simple and clean, for riders who just want good gear without standing out too much.

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Marque Lookwell
Série de Gants Traffic
Manchette Manchette Courte
Waterproof membrane None
Système de fermeture Velcro
Sexe Men
Couleur Principale Noir
Couleurs Secondaires Noir
Compatible avec écran tactile Non
Informations supplémentaires N/A
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