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Shoei J-Cruise Matte Black Jet Helmet
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360 Shoei J-Cruise Matte Black Jet Helmet Shoei J-Cruise Matte Black Jet Helmet Shoei J-Cruise Matte Black Jet Helmet Shoei J-Cruise Matte Black Jet Helmet Shoei J-Cruise Matte Black Jet Helmet Shoei J-Cruise Matte Black Jet Helmet

Shoei J-Cruise Matte Black Jet Helmet

SHOEI: Premium Helmets

Some people love to hang out during the day, when the sun is out. Others love to go out when the sun has set. What kind of person are you? if it's the latter, than you should definately get this black Shoei!

Série de Casque J-Cruise

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Shoei’s J-Cruise is one of the most popular open face helmets available on the market. The new J-Cruise is Shoei’s replacement for its old but equally famous J-Wing Helmet. This helmet combines some of the most innovative features, like a built in internal sun shield , with the industry’s first integrated visor spoiler to provide the best in terms quality and performance. The J-Cruise has to be one of the best open face helmets on the market. The helmet is fitted with the Industry’s first visor spoiler. Being wind-tunnel tested, the J-cruise provides excellent noise control as well. The outer shell of Shoei’s J-Cruise helmet is made out of a composite fiber. Weighing in at around 1600 grams, the J-cruise is definitely not a light-weight helmet. But there is a good-reason for this relatively high weight. Shoei namely integrated a sun-visor into this helmet. This sun visor is approved to the European sun-glasses standard(ANSI), blocking out 99% of UV-radiation. The outer most face shield of the J-cruise is Pin-Lock ready, ensuring a distortion free field of view even when it’s foggy outside. The internal liner of Shoei’s J-cruise is completely removable and washable. You’ll never have to worry about a dirty padding anymore. Concluding we can say that the J-cruise does more than justice to Shoei’s reputation, it is in fact good enough to convince riders to start opting for 3/4 category helmets, if they don’t already. Available in multiple colors, various sizes and 4 shell sizes, there is a J-cruise for everyone.

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Marque Shoei
Série de Casque J-Cruise
Visor Internal sunvisor, Pinlock included
Interior Removable, Washable
Pièces Amovibles Coussinets de Joue, Doublures Interne
Ventilation 1 Exhaust port, 3 Intake ports
Design du Casque Mono-Couleur
Replica No
Homologation ECE 22.05
Sharp score Not tested
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CM 51-52 53-54 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62 63-64
Inch 20-20.5 21-21.3 21.7-22 22.4-22.8 23.3-23.6 24-24.4 24.8-25.2
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