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Sidi Roarr Bottes Blanc Noir
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360 Sidi Roarr Bottes Blanc Noir Sidi Roarr Bottes Blanc Noir Sidi Roarr Bottes Blanc Noir Sidi Roarr Bottes Blanc Noir Sidi Roarr Bottes Blanc Noir

Sidi Roarr Bottes Blanc Noir


Sidi boots have been the pinnacle of Italian design for over 50 years already. Roarr is Sidi’s newest product line and with these white and black boots boosting features like an anti-twist back system and thermoplastic inserts, Sidi once again proves that have got what it takes to keep you safe on the road.

Matériau Cuir de Vache, Microfibre
Membrane Étanche Aucune
Ventilation Prises d'air
Protection Cheville, Tibia
Série de Bottes Roarr

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The latest fruit of Sidi’s knowledge and dedication are their Roarr boots, the ultimate combination of track day protection and street riding comfort. Coming just below Sidi’s Mag-1 boots in the order of ranks, these Roarr boots promise nothing but the very best in terms of protection and wearing comfort.

Product Information

The base material of Sidi’s Roarr boots is Technomicro material. Technomicro is a composite microfiber material created from individual strands that are 1000 times thinner than those of silk. They act like natural leather but with the added advantage of more strength in a lighter package. These beasty boots are lined with a Teflon mesh with an open woven structure. This structure enhances airflow and therefore promises to speed up the process of sweat evaporation, keeping you and the boot dry. As stated before, the Roarr comes just below the Mag-1 in Sidi’s order of ranks. This is an impressive achievement that is easily explained when looking at these boots’ protective specifications. To start with, the Italian boot manufacturer integrated an ankle support system into the design of these boots, that prevents your ankle from twisting in unnatural directions. The Roarr furthermore has a Vertebra System that protects the riders Achilles tendon. Injury to the Achilles tendon is something you absolutely do not want, so with the Roarr you are safe. These Roarr boots are also double stitched in all high stress areas to make sure the stitches do not open up during a slide. In case you do like to inspect the tarmac up close when carving up a curve, no worries. All bolt on parts are replaceable, so are the toe sliders. The finish touch regarding these boots’ protective features is are nylon shin deflector plates. But what is a boot jam-packed with features that doesn’t fit? Probably not your boot. That is why Sidi added some very practical adjustment options, the most important of which is the Techno 3 calf adjustment system. This magnetic closure system works with a micrometric adjustment strap, allowing the calf of these boots to widen a fair bit. In order to even further enhance the wearing comfort, Sidi added an elastic panel to the mix adjacent to the zipper that allows for an improved fit

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Marque Sidi
Série de Bottes Roarr
Type de Botte Botte Racing
Univers de Pratique Racing/Sportif
Matériau Cuir de Vache, Microfibre
Protection boots Ankle brace, Heel cup, Shin guard, Toe cap, Toe sliders
Protection Cheville, Tibia
Ventilation Prises d'air
Waterproof membrane None
Système de fermeture BOA, Fermeture éclair
Saison Eté, Mi-saison
Sexe Men
Couleur Principale Noir
Couleurs Secondaires Blanc, Rouge
Informations supplémentaires N/A
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Sidi boots run smaller than most brands. If you're in between sizes or not sure about the size, we recommend to go one size up from your regular size.

EU 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
US Men 3-3.5 4-4.5 5-5.5 5.5-6 6.5-7 7-7.5 8-8.5 9-9.5 9.5-10 10.5-11 11-11.5 12-12.5 13-13.5 14 15
US Women 4.5-5 5.5-6 6.5-7 7-7.5 8-8.5 8.5-9 9.5-10 10.5-11 11-11.5 12-12.5 12.5-13
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