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Sidi Vertigo Bottes Noir Noir
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360 Sidi Vertigo Bottes Noir Noir Sidi Vertigo Bottes Noir Noir Sidi Vertigo Bottes Noir Noir Sidi Vertigo Bottes Noir Noir Sidi Vertigo Bottes Noir Noir

Sidi Vertigo Bottes Noir Noir


This Sidi Vertigo is black with a few red and white accents. The Sidi logo's on the front and side are white, with their saw-like emblem being fiery red. The ventilation sliders are also red.

Matériau Microfibre
Membrane Étanche Aucune
Ventilation Prises d'air
Protection Cheville, Tibia
Série de Bottes Vertigo

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The Sidi Vertigo is a boot that has been designed to perform just as well on the street as on the track. Although it is not among Sidi’s main track boots (which are the Vortice and the Sidi Mag 1), this boot is their more affordable, all-rounder that will also perform extremely well on the street, whether you are just cruising or attacking the asphalt at blistering speeds.

product information

The outside of Sidi’s Vertigo boots has been completely made out of Lorica (which means body armor in Latin). Lorica lives up to its name in terms of safety, it is a material made out of extremely thin microfibers, which are extremely strong. These fibers act like natural leather, but boost the added advantages of more strength at a lower weight and make up for a softer texture. Lorica is also highly resistant to abrasion yet very breathable. The Sidi Vertigo has some great protective features like a shock absorbing heel cup that has been molded in three different plastic densities so it will be able to absorb and disperse the force that it encounters during an accident. Italian motor gear manufacturer Sidi also fitted the Vertigo with a composite inner sole. This sole is resistant to side to side compression and therefore offers more protection than leather inner soles that other manufacturers use. The inner sole is water resistant and was designed to retain its shape even after months of intensive use. Every bolt on component of Sidi’s Vertigo boot can be replaced. This makes the boot more durable since you only have to replace damaged parts after a crash. It is good to know that the toe sliders are easily replaceable as well, they are available in either a ceramic or nylon version. When we look at the ventilation systems, Sidi boots have always been on top of the boot chain. The Vertigo has a ventilation system that can either be opened or closed, depending on the kind of weather you ride in. A constant flow of fresh, cool air will circulate around the riders feet, replacing the warmer, damp air. The Vertigo boots are also available in a RAIN version. The difference between the rain version and the “standard” lies in the waterproof yet breathable membrane that Sidi added between the elements and the riders’ feet.

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Marque Sidi
Série de Bottes Vertigo
Type de Botte Botte Racing
Univers de Pratique Racing/Sportif
Matériau Microfibre
Protection boots Ankle brace, Heel cup, Shin guard, Toe cap, Toe sliders
Protection Cheville, Tibia
Ventilation Prises d'air
Waterproof membrane None
Système de fermeture Fermeture éclair, Velcro
Saison Eté, Mi-saison
Sexe Men
Couleur Principale Noir
Couleurs Secondaires Blanc, Rouge
Informations supplémentaires N/A
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Sidi boots run smaller than most brands. If you're in between sizes or not sure about the size, we recommend to go one size up from your regular size.

EU 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
US Men 3-3.5 4-4.5 5-5.5 5.5-6 6.5-7 7-7.5 8-8.5 9-9.5 9.5-10 10.5-11 11-11.5 12-12.5 13-13.5 14 15
US Women 4.5-5 5.5-6 6.5-7 7-7.5 8-8.5 8.5-9 9.5-10 10.5-11 11-11.5 12-12.5 12.5-13
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