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How do I measure a helmet size?

Use a measuring tape to measure the largest possible circumference of your head. For most people, this point is about 1 inch / 2.5 cm above the eyebrows, along the base of the ear and over the occiput of the back of the head. The product page of each helmet shows which helmet fits your head size best.

Are there different fits?

Yes, fits are broadly categorised into three categories: round, oval and round-oval. With a round fit, the length and width of the head are virtually the same. With an oval fit, the length of the head is significantly longer than the width. With a round-oval fit, the length of the head is slightly greater than the width.

Are helmet sizes the same for all brands?

In general, yes. If you have an AGV helmet in size L, for example, you will probably also need a size L for other brands, but this cannot be guaranteed with 100% certainty.

How do I know exactly which size motorbike glove, jacket, shoe or pants I need?

Buying clothes online can be tricky, which is why we have a size chart for each garment on the product page. There you can see which size would be the best for you.

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Spend $375 and we pay for shipping!