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Looking fast has never been so easy as with these Valentino Rossi replica's. These are Dainese's best looking and most advanced gloves to date. Originally used by Valentino, they are now available for you. Equal protection, equal style. With exotic materials like titanium and carbon, these gloves are a must-have for every Rossi and racing enthusiast.


Dainese Full Metal RS - A Helping Hand in Protection

With a number of factors to consider, finding the right protection is never an easy job for any rider. Dainese is a company that is known to provide the best in motorcycle gear and accessories and the Dainese Guanto full metal RS gloves are a continuation of that provision. Offering a number of features and advanced technology, the Dainese Guanto full metal RS gloves give you the protection you want without sacrificing quality.

Performance - Comfort - Safety

Dainese have really gone that extra mile to ensure that the Dainese Guanto full metal RS gloves offer their wearers nothing but the best in comfort, safety, performance and value. The Dainese Guanto full metal RS gloves have been engineered based on a multitude of customer reviews and feedback. The Dainese Guanto full metal RS gloves use Kevlar in the jersey and stitching. This not only gives the gloves exceptional durability but safety as well. With cowhide leather used on the exterior, you the Dainese Guanto full metal RS gloves give you that rugged and aggressive racing style that riders want. To add greater value to the gloves, they palm is reinforced with a micro injection and covered with goatskin. This gives it great grip and durability at the same time. With pre-curved fingers, each reinforced with either leather, PE or digital sheepskin, your hand feels great regardless of how long you wear the gloves. Gloves that offer high performance and superior comfort often become rather hot after some time. However, the Dainese Guanto full metal RS gloves keep your hands cool thanks to perforations on the inner side of each finger. Combined with the fabric used on the inside, the Dainese Guanto full metal RS gloves give your worry-free comfort.

Special Features

  • Fabrics: Kevlar, goatskin and digital sheepskin
  • Leather:Cowhide
  • Colors available: Black/black/black, black/white/anthracite, black/white/fluorescent red and black/white/fluorescent yellow
  • Inserts:Composite and microelastic elasticated
  • Adjustments:Adjustable cuff and tightening straps
  • Reinforcements: Multiple leather and digital sheepskin reinforcements throughout the glove
  • Certifications: PPE to EN 13594 Standard cat. II level 1
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Dainese
Main Color N/A
Sub Colors N/A
Waterproof No
Gender Men
Size Chart


Cm 19 20 21 23 24 25 26
Inch 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5

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Value for money
Protection & durability
Air flow
Official CHROMEBURNER review by Nick Naethuijs
Review by Official CHROMEBURNER review by Nick Naethuijs
Posted on 10/10/2014
Dainese Full Metal RS

Having a nice outfit to match your iron stallion can be pricy. You want to look good, but you also do not want to spend too much money since even a little accident like a slow lowsider can mess up your gear pretty bad. If you don’t mind spending money to look good, then a good pair of Dainese Full Metal RS gloves are the way to go. Not cheap, but damn, these gloves are nice!

Alright, it’s already no secret anymore that I like these gloves. Am I a Dainese fanboy? Nah. Am I a Rossi fanboy who likes to wear only that what Rossi wears? Nope. I just happen to like these gloves because of their excellent quality and looks. Don’t get me wrong; they are far from perfect, but let me explain.

The Full Metal RS has been designed and developed in conjunction with world-class riders such as Valentino Rossi. We all know that he is a big part of AGV and Dainese (Dainese owns AGV) and that he is actively involved in developing and testing their products. Like their D-Air suit and Pista GP, the Dainese Full Metal RS is also one of those items that Dainese is particularly proud of. Because hey, if Valentino rides with them (among other MotoGP riders) it must be good. A lot of people would buy these gloves because of that note only, but let me tell you that this glove is more than just something worn by an icon.

Alright, let me explain why this glove is ‘special’ and why I like them. First of all; the looks. Rarely do you find gloves that look as good at these. Some might come darn close, but the titanium on the top of your hand and knuckles seals the deal if you ask me. Is the titanium just for the looks? Of course not. The titanium is there to protect your knuckles and the top of your hand in case of a crash. Since a bike is rather heavy and a crash usually takes place at high speeds, having solid and hard protection guarding your knuckles is no excessive luxury. Dainese has collected a lot of data regarding crashes and found out that broken bones in a rider's hand are often caused because of the bike falling on top of them, either with the clip-on, tank or fairings. The Full Metal RS is the only glove that has that level of protection. If you have a pair, just try to bend it. You won't succeed. Now try it with other gloves, doesn't matter which ones. They will all buckle and succumb to your awesome strength, but not the Full Metal RS. Also, besides the titanium being able to withstand some serious impact, it also has a low-friction coefficient. This means that when you crash and slide down the track, the titanium won't suddenly ‘bite’ in the tarmac and tear your hands off. I don’t think any glove will, but it adds to the overall protection that it offers.

Next up is the fact that the yarn used for stitching is kevlar. Kevlar people, who does that? Yup, Dainese does. They say it adds a lot of extra strength to the seams since they are every glove’s achilles heel. Here comes the thing though; I already crashed with these gloves. Can you guess what happened? Almost every seam in the glove failed. I lowsided at about 70 miles an hour and did not spend a lot of time sliding down the tarmac, but the stitching failed miserably. Alright, my hands were fine and didn't even show the slightest sign of bruising, but still, I would have expected more from that ‘awesome’ kevlar stitching.

Another thing that really bothered me is the fact that the leather on the palms had been completely torn to shreds. The stitching also failed. If the kitty litter was just a tad further away I am sure my hands would have taken a beating and would have left bright red smears on the track. The leather on the palms of the glove are made out of goats. Well, made out of… It once was part of a goat who sacrificed his life to protect that of others. Noble creatures. Anyway, it did not offer the amount of protection I thought it would have. Goatskin is thinner than cow or kangaroo hide and improves comfort, but it is also weaker. If you ask me, the palms of your hands should be one of the best protected areas. I am not saying that they should also put titanium there, but, perhaps some kind of tougher material would be a better option.

Moving on, we can see a rubberized panel located just under the fingers. According to some it is for grip purposes, but when we take a look at one of Daineses promotional videos, we can see that it is to eliminate unwanted vibrations. I can’t say that I paid a lot of attention to it, but I can say that it restricts the blood flow to my fingers somewhat, causing them to go numb (after a fair while). It’s not that extreme, but I can feel the panel really well when I have positioned my hand on the throttle. So for me it’s more of a nuisance than an helpful aid, but some might experience that differently.

When it comes to size, I suffer from the same, rather bothersome, things as with other gloves. The middle finger of the glove seems to be a little bit too short in comparison with the other fingers when wrapped around the throttle. Also on the inside, where the leather is stitched together and folded inward, the leather tends to creep under your fingernail because it is a bit too short. I won’t take this into account in my overall rating since I think it’s just something only I and perhaps a few others suffer from, but I just wanted to let you know.

Another little issue that bothered me is the extra protection they added on the outside of the little finger. There are plastic inserts there to protect your pinky, but when my hand is wrapped around the throttle it pushes down on the phalanx. It starts to hurt after a while as well. It might be an issue not everyone will suffer from, but keep it in mind. Another protective feature is the Distortion Control panel. This little TPU protective insert will prevent your little finger from hyper-extending, meaning it can bend too far causing injury. I’m not sure if it works, but as far as I know only Dainese gloves have this feature, since it’s an Dainese ‘invention’.

When we move down, we can see a high density foam pad on the outer side of the wrist to protect your ulna bone. The ulna bone is one of those parts in your body that tend to break or get injured during a crash. The predecessor of the Full Metal RS featured a small carbon slider, but Dainese changed it into a high density foam pad.

So, what else is there to say about the Full Metal RS? I can truly say that these are some of the best gloves on the market today, especially when it comes to looks. Not everything is perfect unfortunately, like the fact that the goatskin leather on the palms is very vulnerable and that the stitching isn’t as tough as Dainese claims. The few other little nitpicks like the bulky plastic protection in the little finger and the rubberized panel that can cause numbness of the fingers might just be something only I suffer from, but apart from that; top quality gloves that look extremely yummy. Okay, they might be a little expensive, even for Dainese standards, but the decision to purchase them is up to you.