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Regulärer Preis: 59,95 €

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Match the tarmac with these great looking black gloves from Lookwell.


Lookwell Aerotec Gloves: supreme quality gauntlet

The Lookwell Aerotec glove is a semi long, full vented mesh/leather summer touring glove with a hard-shell knuckle cup. It is designed for riders who travel long distances at a time, but it's design gives it a rathert sportive appearance, so it can also be used as a glove for sportive riding. It features a thermo formed polymer knuckle cover with leather lamination for protection, and a reinforced palm with anti-slip suede. The Lookwell Aerotec glove has a long, comfortable cuff with a single lock shaft closure system for easy adjusting. It is made from premium drym dyed Capra leather, with a thickness ranging from 0,8mm to 0.9mm's. It also features a 30D polyair mesh for optimal ventilation during a hot summer day.

Special Features

  • Protection: Thermo formed polymer knuckle cover with leather lamination
  • Ventilation: 3-D polyair mesh for optimal ventilation
  • Extra information:Palm reinforced with anti-slip suede
Zusätzliche Information

Zusätzliche Information

Marke Lookwell
Touchscreen kompatibel Ja
Hauptfarbe Schwarz
Unterfarben Grau
Geschlecht Herren
Manschettentyp Kurz