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Nexx X-COM3 Sena Communication System
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Nexx X-Com 2 Bluetooth
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Nexx X-Com Bluetooth
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Nexx electronics

Nexx is known for their stylish, lightweight, comfortable, and functional helmets that meet and exceed safety standards because of their state-of-the-art technology. They also offer good quality electronics and communication systems to go with their helmets.

Nexx motorcycle electronics at ChromeBurner

Here at ChromeBurner we offer a wide range of motorcycle electronics and communication systems. Including communication systems from Nexx. Every communication system excels in something else. Our selection of Nexx electronics go perfectly with Nexx helmets, they fit flush on the left side of their helmets and avoid extra wind noise because of the slim profile. They can connect with your phone, music, navigation system and up to 8 riders in group conferences. With a wide range you will never have to worry about losing track of your riding buddies.

Why buy Nexx electronics at ChromeBurner?

If you live anywhere in the world and like fast shipping and low prices, ChromeBurner is the place to buy your Nexx electronics. We have a lowest price guarantee, so you will never pay too much for your Nexx communication system if you order it here. That’s not our only guarantee because we also offer fast shipping. This way you will never pay too much or wait too long for your new Nexx electronics.

Need help choosing Nexx electronics?

Our wide range of motor electronics can be a bit overwhelming. We try to show as much relevant information as possible in the product descriptions. But don’t worry if you can’t figure it out. Still have doubts or any questions about Nexx electronics? Just send us an email with your question to support@chromeburner.com or give us a call on 073 200 80 20 and our gear geeks will happily answer any of your questions!