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Alpinestars Ht-3 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves Black
287 96 319 95
Alpinestars HT-7 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves Black
377 95 419 95
Alpinestars Ht-5 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves Black
314 96 349 95
Five HG1 Evo WP Black Heated Gloves
269 96 299 95
Furygan Heat Genesis Black Heated Gloves
199 90 249 95
Furygan Heat X Kevlar Black Heated Gloves
239 90 299 95
Segura Shiro Black Heated Gloves
194 99 299 99
REV'IT! Freedom H2O Heated Gloves Black
199 99 249 99
REV'IT! Liberty H2O Ladies Heated Gloves Black
215 96 269 95
Claw Siberia Heated Gloves
89 95 179 95
Five HG3 WP Black Heated Gloves
206 96 229 95
Five HG1 WP Black Heated Gloves
224 96 249 95
Five HG2 WP Black Heated Gloves
224 96 249 95
Five HG Prime GTX Black Heated Gloves
323 96 359 95
Five HG3 Evo WP Black Heated Gloves
224 96 249 95
REV'IT! Liberty H2O Black Heated Gloves
215 96 269 95
Macna Foton RTX Black Heated Gloves
163 96 219 95

20 Items

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Heated gloves

Do you ride all winter, even when it's (almost) freezing? Or do your hands easily get cold? With heated gloves no weather is too cold, since your hands will be comfortable and warm, even on longer trips. The heating elements in the gloves ensure good insulation, so freezing fingers will be a thing of the past! Discover the possibilities below.

Different kinds of heated gloves

We offer heated motorcycle gloves from brands such as Klim, Rev'it!, Segura and Five. These gloves are the perfect companion during cold winter days. Heated gloves combine electrically heated elements with a waterproof membrane. This membrane ensures that the glove does not absorb water and is therefore always dry. Most gloves have different settings so that the temperature of your hands always remains comfortable. 

Fast worldwide shipping

When you buy your heated gloves at ChromeBurner, you benefit from a number of our unique services. We offer worldwide shipping for all orders. This shipping is really fast, too: all orders placed in time will be shipped on the same day. This way you can enjoy your heated gloves as quickly as possible. On top of our fast shipping, we guarantee the lowest prices. This means that you never pay too much for your gloves. Can’t decide which pair suits you the best? Do not hesitate to send us a message: our specialists are happy to help you with finding the perfect heated gloves.