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Shark motorcycle helmets

With almost a century of experience, Shark helmets has been producing some of the best and most advanced motorcycle helmets in the world. Shark is a market leader in innovation, safety and quality. They make the quietest and stiffest face shields in the helmet industry with a thickness of only 3 mm. Great racers like Miguel Duhamel and Randy de Puniet use Shark helmets to protect their heads.

Why Shark motorcycle helmets?

Shark is one of those brands who like to innovate, shock and rock the world of motorcycle helmets. Their huge range of motorcycle helmets covers every segment; from modular helmets and full face helmets to replica helmets. They produce racing helmets like the Race-R Pro, street helmets like the brand new Spartan and the Skwal or innovative modular helmets like the Evoline Series 3 and Evo-One. Every helmet is available in many different colors and designs so there is a Shark helmet for everyone! All our road going helmets are minimal ECE22.05 approved (no DOT certification).

How do Shark helmets fit?

In order to effectively protect your head, it is extremely important that your helmet has the right fit. Shark helmets are sized from XS to XXL, and on some models you can even adjust the size by using different sized check pads and internals. You can use the size chart in the product description to determine your helmet size. When you try the helmet on, shake your head from side to side. If the helmet moves independently, it is too big.

Shark motorcycle helmets for sale at ChromeBurner

With a Shark helmet you basically can’t go wrong, unless you pick the wrong size of course. If you have any questions about these helmets, our gear geeks are ready to answer all of them! You can reach us by telephone 073 200 80 20 or send us an email at We offer worldwide shipping for all orders and if you order in time we will ship your order the same day!

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