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Total des articles 1 à 20 de 87

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Choose from a wide range of motorcycle seats from different brands for various motorcycles. This particularly important part of your motorcycle provides you with the right comfort during your ride. Compared to the original seat of your bike, our selection seats will vastly improve comfort and looks!

Motorcycle saddles from top brands

At ChromeBurner you will find a carefully selected range of motorcycle seats. Find a Kappa brand in our collection. In addition to comfortable saddles, they also offer seats for children. These provide good support for your child's back and is very easy to assemble to your bike.

Ultimate comfort during your ride

Almost every bike could use an upgrade when it comes to the seat. That is why you will find a wide range with different types of saddles that fit on various motorcycles. For example, in our range we have motorcycle seats available for the brands BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha. We can deliver a suitable seat for (almost) every bike! Just use the filter to select your bike and the suitable seats will pop up.