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comfort for all urban riders

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Prix normal 239,95 €

119,95 €

The scratch-resistant visor of the Airoh Movement is equipped with a PinLock anti-fog system.


Airoh Movement Introduction

Airoh is a highly regarded brand name with bikers around the world. In Europe the Airoh Movement series is considered the “Supreme Leader of Helmets”. If you have a subscription to “Das Motorrad” magazine you are probably aware of the fact that Airoh’s Movement helmet was awarded the “Best Buy” price this year. The main reason for this overwhelming success is the quality / price ratio that this helmet offers.

Airoh Movement – Meet the Leading helmet

Although the Movement is part of the range of affordable helmets at Airoh, the Italian helmet manufacturer has made no compromises regarding stability and strength. Airoh ensured this great stability through the implementation of air-spoilers in the front and rear of this helmet. With its composite fiber outer-shell available in three sizes, the Movement is a full face helmet that has been tested extensively to provide safety, stability and a noise-free experience at any speed. And with this helmet weighing in at only 1250 grams, it is unlikely to put a strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. The scratch-resistant visor of the Airoh Movement is equipped with a PinLock anti-fog system. When inserted the Pin-Locks will prevent fogging of the visor. This fogging is further prevented by the way air flows through this helmet. The ventilation system of Airoh’s movement includes two front air intakes, an intake on the chin and a rear and side extractors. This ventilation system ensures outstanding levels of comfort for all urban riders. Another useful addition to this helmet, is the built in sun-visor that Airoh managed to incorporate. The wearing comfort of this Movement helmet is further enhanced through the use of a “breathing” inner-liner. This inner-liner is completely removable and washable, as are the cheek pads. To finish this great mix of features off, Airoh included a Double-D retention system in the design of this award-winning helmet. s

  • Shell Material: Thermoplastic shell
  • Homologation:ECE 22.05
  • Inside Padding: Removable and washable
  • Visor: Anti-scratch visor with integrated sunscreen
  • Visormechanism: Visor mechanism: Quick Release Retention, Pinlock System
  • Ventilation System: Double front air intake, an intake on the chin guard, and a rear air extractor
  • Retention System: Micrometric system
  • Additional functions: Comes with complete Accessories kit
    Four variations; Star, Flower, Shot, Color in various colors
Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Marque Airoh
Série de Casque Movement
Type de Casque Intégral
Couleur Principale Blanc
Couleurs Secondaires Bleu, Rouge
Finition Brillante
Univers de Pratique Adventure/Touring, Urbain/Street
Pièces Amovibles Cache Nez, Coussinets de Joues , Doublures Interne
Écran Solaire Oui
Homologation ECE 22.05
Design du Casque Mono-Couleur
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Size XS S M L XL
CM 53-54 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62
Inch 20.8-21.2 21.6-22 22.4-22.8 23.2-23.6 24-24.4
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