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Prix normal 164,51 €

124,90 €

Dainese Wave backprotector, for those who prefer some extra protection.


They Named it Air for a Reason

The Dainese Wave Air back protector takes protection, ergonomic comfort, and ventilation to the next level. Unlike most Level 1 protectors, the Dainese Wave Air protector is EN 1621-2 / 2003 certified; it complies with strictest regulation for back protectors in Europe. Superior protection, superior temperature regulation, and superior comfort are all standard benefits with the Dainese Wave Air. Dainese designed the Wave Air with input from racing champions and it shows.

Temperature Regulation, Ergonomic Design, Level 2 Protection

The Level 2 protection provided by your Dainese Wave Air back protector begins at the top of your shoulder blades and extends to your tailbone. The rugged polypropylene shell distributes the force of impact and the aluminum honeycomb inner core structure works with the patented Astrosorb material to absorb and distribute impact force. The Wave Air is lined with a thermoformed polyurethane foam that provides an additional layer of protection and comfort.

Your riding comfort is guaranteed due to the careful selection of materials and the ergonomic design incorporated into this back protector. The external structure is perforated for airflow. Additionally, the protector is lined in a breathable mesh material; and two layers of air-gap jersey are used to line the lumbar strip and braces. This provides maximum airflow and wicking to keep you cool and dry not matter how heated the competition.

No matter your body style or riding posture, the Dainese Wave Air is completely adjustable to conform to your needs. The lumbar band features two adjustments, for maximum fit and comfort. The lumbar joint gives you full lateral movement while ensuring that the protector stays in the proper position. The shoulder braces are completely adjustable and removable as well.


Two part sizing ensures you get the perfect fit for maximum comfort and protection. The size is first based on waist to shoulder length and then the waist circumference. 

Waist to Shoulder Length

1S =7,5 – 42 cm

11 =38 – 45 cm

12 =41,5 – 47 cm

13 = 44 – 51 cm


Waist Size

MD = 71- 81 cm

LG = 81+ cm

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

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Univers de Pratique Racing/Sportif
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