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September 2020

Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Fabio replica

10 days ago

We have had it in the collection for a while now, but the results of Fabio Quartararo give reason enough to give this helmet some extra attention!

Mirjam pol is postponing her Dakar participation to 2022

15 days ago

Mirjam Pol managed to get the best result in her Dakar career last year in Saudi Arabia. Yet she has made the decision to pass up the 2021 edition and to postpone her Dakar participation to 2022… Why? Read it here, in a message from Mirjam herself!

Your body position on a motorcycle

20 days ago

Our brand ambassador Dennis Batterink tells you everything about his learning process on how he managed to find a body position on the bike where he’s comfortable with. Because he often can be found at the racetrack, he’s speaking out of his own experiences. Curious on what he had to say? You can read it here!