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Mirjam Pol Balkan Rally Report part 1

Mirjam Pol Balkan Rally Report part 1
1 years ago

The Balkan Offroad Rally takes place once a year in Bulgaria, starting in the Bulgarian mountains and ending at the coast of the black sea. Since 2018, ChromeBurner has been sponsoring one of the most badass ladies in Rally, Mirjam Pol, who is currently participating in the Balkan Rally. She made her debut when she was 17 as the first female dutch competitor in the Dakar Rally.

Mirjam has been through a lot of challenges through the years, whereby her drive, motivation and clear mind have helped her through many obstacles, with this year being no exception!

Are you excited to learn more about Mirjam and her journey at the Balkan Rally? Then check out the first Rally report below.

Mirjam Pol is holding her own in the Balkan Rally

The Balkan Rally is a test for Mirjam to prepare her for the Dakar in 2020, and after two race days in the Balkan Rally, Mirjam is currently in 4th position. Earlier this year Mirjam won the Breslau rally which hasn’t gone unnoticed, as she feels that the competition is keeping an eye on her.

Marking the roadbook at the start

The first race day didn’t exactly go as planned, due to the lack of time between the race briefing and starting time. At the start of the race, Mirjam still had her markers and roadbook at hand, trying to be as prepared as possible.

This hectic start of the Balkan Offroad Rally was hard to forget, which caused Mirjam to make some mistakes, losing valuable time. However the Dutch rally rider wasn’t unsatisfied with her results. In her own words after the first race. “I always have to warm up with a rally, I am a bit like a Diesel car. This time is no different. The first day was a short stage, I am in the flow now and know what to expect”..

I had a great race today

The second race day consisted of three stages with a total length of 195 kilometers, and just as expected Mirjam found her rhythm, whereby in the second stage of the Balkan rally she managed to take first place! In stage three and four she managed to finish in third place, clearly demonstrating what she is capable of.

The bike was acting perfectly, the stages where very diverse and some parts of the route went by extremely fast. “There where parts where I was just going full throttle and I was going 160 km/h on the path. I had a great day, it was more of a race actually. I can feel every muscle in my body right now but I am very happy with the results. The last stage reminded me of my time in Mali, which was one of my first Dakar rallies! Of course I am also very happy with my first place in the second stage. Everything is still possible.”

After two days Mirjam is in 4th place, and Monday there will two more stages with a total distance of around 200 kilometers.

Mirjam winner of the third day

The third day of the Balkan rally Mirjam showed the competition what she is capable off, taking first place in the fifth stage and finishing second place in the sixth stage, resulting in Mirjam being the overall winner of day three!

Mirjam on her third day victory

“I had another great day with zero mistakes. If the competition does end up making them, even if they are little, I know I have to go for it. And it definitely paid off as it resulted in me winning the fifth stage.” During the sixth stage Rob van Vegchel passed her but didn’t manage to get away, which resulted in the fastest combined time of the day for Mirjam.

Second place

She also did great for the placement in the rally! After three days Mirjam is in second place, with only a three and a half minute difference between herself and first place, the dutchman Rob van Vegchel.

To be continued...

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