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Being a Motorcycle racer during Covid-19 times: Wayne Tessels

Being a Motorcycle racer during Covid-19 times: Wayne Tessels
3 months ago

Long time, no see…

Here I am again, after quite a while! Mainly because of the current weird times ... I should have completed several races by now, including the 24H of Le Mans and the races for the RAC41 team in the French Superbikes championship (FSBK). Unfortunately that has all been postponed, but that does not mean that nothing has happened in the meantime.

The new Fireblade

The team has decided to start earlier with the development of the new Fireblade! According to the original plan, we would ride the new bike for the first time during the Bol d'Or, but now the plan is to participate in competitions in the FSBK with the new Honda CBR after the 24h of Le Mans. This is mainly for development, but of course also for me as a driver to get used to the new engine. We hope that the situation in France will soon be back to normal. For the time being, I have a race planned at Magny-Cours in early August. A well-known track from back when I drove Superstock and Supersport and a track that I always like to visit.

Speaking French

It is also the intention to speak fluent French there. I started a French course at the beginning of the year, but it was unfortunately canceled after only 4 lessons ... The time has come to really dust off my books and pick it up again. After all, I have a bet with Ludovic (the team manager) that I speak better French in the next race than he speaks English. Hopefully he hasn’t spent all his spare time studying English during the lockdown, because then I will get the short end of the stick!

It's a strange time for the team, they are all French. So they have been inside for weeks and are now allowed to go outside again, step by step. They have put a lot of time into the new engine with the preparation of parts, etc. We are hopeful that, if we are allowed to race again, everything will be looking good during the next race. There is a lot going on in the background, so in that sense there isn’t really a lockdown.


I have been riding motorcycles a fair amount over the past few weeks. Last week for the first time back on the track with the supermoto and before that flat track and motocross. An acquaintance of mine has a large field and I was lucky enough to use it to destroy as much grass as possible with my studded tires. Anything to get that feeling of riding before we really can go crazy on the track.

In the meantime, we are busy with some very nice things and collaborations that we can tell you more about soon!

See you soon!

- Wayne Tessels

Posted in: Motorsport