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Get ready for your next adventure!

Get ready for your next adventure!
2 months ago

Going on an adventure is about making memories and above everything just having fun! With our Adventure gear collection that is the only thing you have to think about and start riding not having to worry about anything!

Start riding without struggles starts by choosing the perfect gear to get the job done. The best thing about Adventure gear is that it's built to be multi purpose and excel in different situations. Think about weather conditions, on hot days you want ventilated gear but on cold days multiple layers is needed to keep you warm. A lot of Adventure gear can be used for more than one situation and that helps you to adapt easily to circumstances occurring on your ride.

Riding off-road asks a lot of you and your gear. You have to be able to focus on the control of your bike, while your gear needs to protect you against branches that can rip your jacket and splashes of mud when riding through puddles. But also in case of a fall your clothing has to offer you the protection so you can pick up your bike and go try it again. Adventure gear is made of the strongest fabrics out there to keep you protected in case you’ll need it!

Besides the right jacket and pants, is the helmet also a great way to improve your experience on an Adventure motorcycle. Take lightweight helmets provided with a peak to prevent mud and sand blocking your view. Also to increase your view large and wide visors are often being mounted on Adventure helmets. That can easily be removed to add cross goggles to your outfit, if you like to. The possibilities are endless. It all depends on your desires!

The memories for later start now… Get ready to make them!

Curious which outfit Kevin, our Content Manager, is wearing during the photoshoot? A breakdown can be found below!

Airoh Commander
A die-hard Adventure rider swears by helmet from Airoh. Why? These helmets offer everything an adventurer desires: Lightweight, a large visor and wearing cross goggles had never been easier before. Just open the visor, put on the goggles and you’re done! The peak is removable if you want to. In addition to that is the helmet is loaded with ventilation options to keep your head cool! The Airoh Commander is available in multiple color schemes, so always a version to match your bike!

Klim Carlsbad jacket
There is hardly a more versatile jacket to find than the Carlsbad. For the all year rider this jacket is a beast, but this jacket really comes into its own off-road. Zippers can be found all over the jacket. Some provide access to storage areas, others are there to open the ventilation. These can be found both on the torso and on the sleeves, so that fresh air can get everywhere in the jacket. The ergonomic shape offers the comfort you want while riding and the protection is formed around the body, so you don't even notice it is there. The material of the protection absorbs impact like it’s nothing and the Gore-Tex makes the jacket waterproof and breathable at the same time. If you want to, the jacket can be expanded with several layers so that you always can determine the desired comfort level. An Adventurer could not wish for more, right?

Klim Carlsbad pants
A more heavy duty Adventure pants can’t be found in our collection. We can make this very technical by saying that these pants are equipped with a Gore-Tex Performance membrane, 630D Cordura twisted yarn and D3O CE level 2 protection . But in other words: A badass pair of pants that can do basically everything. Although, you have to put it on yourself, if that's all …

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots
This boot is the successor to the very popular Sidi Adventure. It looks almost the same, but there are some differences. The buckles to close the boots have been improved and many things are improved to increase comfort for the wearer. The sole is reinforced and there are several types of closures to ensure that it always fits perfectly. The Gore-Tex membrane ensures dry feet, because water cannot get into the boot and your feet will not sweat with sufficient ventilation. Ideal if you ask us!

Held Sambia gloves
This glove is very popular with the Adventure rider who wants a lightweight glove that is well ventilated. And that makes this glove so good! You have the protection you want as an offroader, without it being uncomfortable due to a thick or large glove. With the SuperFabric and the reinforcements you do not have to worry whether your hands are protected during a fall and the ventilation shafts prevent sweaty hands! An awesome pair of summer gloves! And: it is also good to use if a street / urban driving style is more your thing.

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