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Mirjam pol is postponing her Dakar participation to 2022

Mirjam pol is postponing her Dakar participation to 2022
15 days ago

Last January Mirjam Pol was her very best position in her career as a participant in the Dakar rally. She finished as second Dutch and was 41st in the general rankings, a special achievement. However, she did not only took beautiful stories and memories home... This year Mirjam lost two beloved colleagues during the Dakar rally in Saudi Arabia. Which is hard to come over. Where is Miriam now, in the fall of this year, predominant by the covid-19 virus?

How do you handle a Dakar rally with so many ups and downs?

“The passion for our sport is great and we all know the risks of rallying. Sometimes you are being confronted by the facts and then joy and sorrow are suddenly very close together. The success that you feel so intensely one moment can disappear like snow in the sun the next. Then everything is put back into perspective”

She paused and took the time to evaluate and place the events in the toughest rally in the world. “People sometimes forget how heavy and difficult the Dakar is. If you eventually receive that medal because you completed the rally, then you actually just won. You have suffered for two weeks; overcome the physical and mental pain, your own insecurity, the power of nature and so much more. If you lose two of your friends in the rally, the value of that medal is even more valuable. And it doesn't mean that I don't feel the pain, quite the contrary. To me, being strong is; feeling, understanding and accepting the pain. Then you can continue. In the end, I come out stronger.”

And now what are your plans?

“The corona virus has turned everything upside down. My theater performance was canceled, no presentations in my agenda, testing of my material was not possible and of course no trainings and competitions. Only at the end of July I was able to ride my first training week.

Reaching the start of the Dakar in January requires a lot of preparation and planning. For my sponsors I have not been able to do what I would have liked to do for them. And that while it is a very uncertain time for everyone, also for companies.

Riding my motorcycle is in my blood but sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and with others. At some point appointments and registrations have to be confirmed, payments have to be made and then the time comes to create clarity. So many people are involved in my participation in the Dakar rally. That is why, in close consultation, I have decided to postpone my Dakar participation to 2022. That decision provides more freedom for everyone. And, who knows, maybe something will come my way that will make me indirectly involved in the Dakar in January?”

Defend title Breslau rally

Mirjam is now working on a multi-year plan for the near future. “I am hopeful that the Breslau rally in Poland can and may be held again in mid-September. Last year I fought hard to the last kilometer to win this international rally. How nice would it be if I could defend this title?”

The Breslau rally will take place from 15 to 19 September 2020 in Poland.

Posted in: Motorsport