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Our summer clothing selection

Our summer clothing selection
4 months ago

A general fact is that motorcycle clothing becomes far from comfortable as the temperature rises and as a result, motorcycle clothing can even feel heavy. The solution? Protective motorcycle clothing for the summer!

We made a selection of our finest gear in this blogpost and show you that style and safety can go hand in hand. So no need to doubt between the two! The models are Ramon and Alex with their Ducati Streetfighters!

Summer gear Alex and ramon

Ramon’s outfit met de witte Ducati Streetfighter

X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon Puro Sport
This X-lite X-803 Ultra Carbon Puro is the successor to the extremely popular X-802RR. While there are many similarities between the two helmets, the X-803 is clearly the more modern of the two. Better aerodynamics due to the addition of larger spoilers make the helmet more stable at high speed. Visibility has been increased, there is more room around the chin, the interior has been redesigned and the addition of the NERS system to quickly and safely detach the helmet from the head in the event of a crash makes for an even safer lid. Despite the many additions, the X-803 has become much lighter than its predecessor. And also just a brutal helmet to see!

highway rolling shot summer motorcycle clothing

Alpinestars Sektor V2
The first version of the Sektor was already cool, but the second version (the Sektor V2) is even better! With this wind and waterproof hoodie, you are ready to dominate the streets! It’s perfect for the period just before and just after the summer on days with changeable weather forecasts. There is enough protection in the garment to ensure that you are protected during a fall. Do you still need more protection? You can easily equip it with a back protector and make it as safe as desired. The hood completes the Urban look, but can be removed if you’re heading for the highway.

John Doe Trophy XTM motorjeans
Recently added to our collection: the John Doe Trophy! With these motorcycle jeans, John Doe combines fashion industry trends with biker demands. The slim fit and 100% kevlar fabric make these pants a must have for a casual look. Because let's be honest: Can you see that these jeans are full of protection?

Dainese York
In line with the John Doe Trophy jeans, we can finish the look with a pair of cool Dainese sneakers, which are particularly comfortable thanks to their minimal weight. Dainese is known for their great protection and that is no different with these sneakers. The protection is placed in such a way that it is barely noticeable, making the Dainese York shoes ideal to wear all day long!

Knox Handroid Pod sand
This is the short cuffed version of the Knox Handroid, providing bikers with more of a street riding style the option to wear Knox gloves. These futuristic looking gloves are full of the latest gadgets of motorcycle clothing and are made of high-end materials. The Handroid Pod gloves are equipped with the BOA closure system, which ensures that the glove always perfectly closes on your wrist and does not succumb to the forces released in the event of a fall. The premium leather fits like a second skin around your hands and wrist. You will not be able to find more advanced gloves than these ones!

multiple photos summer gear

Alex zijn outfit op de rode Ducati Streetfighter

X-Lite x-803 RS Ultra Hot Lap
Alex also wears an X-Lite helmet - only this is the X-803 RS, which is even more race inspired. The removable spoiler is slightly larger than that on Ramon’s X-803, which ensures even better aerodynamics.. The included dark smoke visor helps improve visibility on those warm sunny days - and of course makes the look even sportier. That sporty appearance is further enhanced by the carbon shell, which also saves weight.

motorcycle gear summer

Bering Drift
The Bering Drift has been one of our favorites for a while. Why? Because this hoodie is lightweight, because the inner lining is removable so it can be used throughout multiple seasons and it just looks awesome. The jacket looks like a normal hoodie and that's how it fits, because all the protection is in the right place, without making the garment heavy. A back protector can also be fitted for further protection. Alex wears the Bering Drift for men, but there is a version for women too!

Rokker Rokkertech
We recently added the Rokkertech motorcycle jeans to our range and for good reason. The Rokkertech is a neat slim fit jean with the protection you want in case you need it. These casual pants not only look good on any motorcycle, they also fit like normal jeans! The perfect combination between being fashionable and safe!

REV’IT! Jefferson
When you see this shoe, the real sneaker freaks will probably immediately think of an iconic sneaker, which has been used as inspiration for the design of the Jefferson. The REV'IT! Jefferson is packed with all the features a biker would want: a non-slip sole, reinforced toe and heel protection and of course ankle protection. All without losing style. This shoe is high on the wish list of many colleagues of ours!

Just a nice light motorcycle glove for the Urban and Street rider. A great feature of the Five Stunt is the knuckle protector that also functions as a ventilation shaft, so you won't get sweaty hands. The carbon protector on the palm offers the right amount of protection in the event of a fall and the goatskin ensures a comfortable fit. The fingertips are touch sensitive, so you don't need to take off the gloves when operating your phone. Available in multiple colors, so that everyone can match the Five Stunt with their bike!

summer gear motorcyle favorites

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