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Brembo 17 RCS Radial Master Brake Cylinder

Brembo 17 RCS Radial Master Brake Cylinder


Feel the difference with your own Brembo master brake pump!


Regular Price: 272.11





The BREMBO 17 RCS radial brake master cylinder with folding lever is only suitable for bikes with two front brake discs. This brake master cylinder has the RCS system for adjustment of the lever centre distance which allows the rider to obtain the ideal feeling between rider and bike. In just a few seconds using a simple screwdriver you can make the braking system extra aggressive. This model uses a 17 mm diameter piston and a long folding lever (LL), a detail which is very popular with riders who love to ride on the track. Brembo uses only cutting-edge procedures to ensure excellent operation and performance

Includes: • Brembo 17 RCS Master Cylinder • Brake light switch • Double banjo Bolt Extra specifications: • Lever ratio 18-20 • Ø Piston 17 mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Brembo
Riding Style Race/Sport
Adjustable Lever pivot distance 18-20mm, Lever travel
Piston diameter 17mm
Extra information Brake light switch included, Handlebar fixing Ø 22.2 mm, Long lever