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Motorcycle Balaclavas & Tubes

ChromeBurner offers a great collection of headwear and tunnels. From beanies and balaclavas to Tunnels and so much more. You can find anything to wear under your helmet and to complete your set of protective clothing or base and mid layers at ChromeBurner.

Why wear balaclavas & tunnels?

Wearing a balaclava or a tube under your helmet can increase the comfort of your ride. By layering up you can keep your body warm. The extra layer of headwear and tunnels can also cool you down by absorbing the sweat of your skin. In addition to this warming and cooling effect some types of headwear and tunnels can help to keep your helmet clean.

What types of balaclavas & tubes at ChromeBurner?

Here at ChromeBurner we offer a few different types of headwear. Each with their own use and pro’s. A balaclava covers the whole face except the eye area and mostly functions to keep your neck and head warm during cold rides. A tunnel or tube is highly multifunctional and can be used as a headband, mask, bandana, desert scarf and more. A beanie will take the sweat away from your head, keep you cool on hot rides and help to keep your helmet clean.

Why should you buy your balaclavas & tubes at ChromeBurner?

If you live anywhere in the world and like low prices and fast shipping, you should buy your headwear and tunnels at ChromeBurner. Because of our large stock we are able to ship all orders very quickly. All other orders are also shipped very fast. Besides our fast shipping we offer a lowest price guarantee. This way you will never pay too much for anything at ChromeBurner, including your new headwear and tunnels. Still not sure what headwear to get? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is full of motor geeks who are happy to help by phone +31 73 200 80 20 or at [email protected].

Spend £130 and we pay for shipping!