Which payment methods do you accept?
All customers can use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Besides these 4 largest payment methods, we accept a number of popular European payment methods, plus manual bank transfer payments.

Can I pay afterwards?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay afterwards.

My credit card payment was declined. Do you know why?
Apart from the logical reasons (insufficient funds, or wrongly entered credit card details) we sometimes see that credit card providers decline payments because they think the payment is out of your normal spending pattern. Usually it will suffice to give them a call, explain that you really do want to make the transaction and they will give you the green light to try again.

I am experiencing an issue with the payment. What should I do?
If you experience any problems with the payment, please contact our customer service.

Does ChromeBurner have a secure payment environment?
ChromeBurner has an extremely safe and secure shopping environment. The ChromeBurner website also has an SSL certificate. This internationally recognised security method ensures that every transaction is secured.

Are you not able to figure it out?

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We would love to help you!  You could send an email to or you could give us a call on: +31 73 200 80 20
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