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Dainese Gilet Wave S Back Protector

Dainese Gilet Wave S Back Protector


Dainese Gilet Wave backprotector, for those who prefer some extra protection.


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The Dainese Gillet Wave steps back protection up a level with its revolutionary harness construction. Inserts of patented CrashAbsorb material provide added protection and comfort not found in other protectors. This back protector is certified to EN 1621.2/2003 Standard (Level 1) so you get the comfort of wearing an ergonomic design and the knowledge that you will have the protection you need when you need it. The lumbar joint and articulated plates work together to give you a back protector that moves when you move and flexes when you flex. But it is the harness construction that sets the Gillet apart from other protectors. The Gillet harness is fully adjustable across the chest and zips up for easy on and off.

Product Information

The Dainese Gillet Wave begins the first wave of back protection with the outer shell. This shell features a series of articulated polypropylene plates. These plates feature a corrugated reinforcing structure that distributes impact forces over a wider surface area. The plates are also perforated to increase air flow and increase your riding comfort. The next wave of protection in the Dainese Gillet comes from the inner core of honeycomb structured aluminum. This ultra-light material provides the energy absorption you need and helps to dissipate heat and humidity to keep you cool and dry while you ride. The thermoformed perimeter not only adds structural support to the plates but increases comfort where the Gillet comes in contact with your body. Like other Dainese back protectors, the Gillet Wave incorporates 3D bubble technology in the liner for added comfort.


Sizing Chart

While the Gillet adjusts for stability and protection, it is important to get the right size for maximum comfort and protection. The Dainese Gillet Wave comes in different lengths and belt sizes so you are sure to get the perfect fit. Model Sizes Length of Protector Gillet Wave 3 44 – 51 cm Gillet Wave 2 41,5 – 57 cm Gillet Wave 1 37,5 – 42 cm Belt Lengths Large 90 – 110 cm Medium 75 – 88 cm Small 75 cm or less

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Dainese
Riding Style Race/Sport
Gender Men