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Klim Helmets

Klim was purchased by Polaris Industries in 2012 and manufactures clothing for motor sports. Klim uses the newest technologies and methods in terms of fabrication and ventilation. Because of these high standards, the company Is known for their maximum comfort bike clothing. Apart from comfort, the clothing is also equipped with the newest innovations in terms of protection. Therefore you are ensured of a safe ride in any extreme condition.

Which Klim helmet should I buy?

Klim uses 7 test fases that all of the products need to endure before hitting the market: waterproof, breathable, freedom of movement, protection, durability, functionality and how the clothing fits on the body. By doing these tests the company can assure their customers the high quality that it promises them. If you are a fan of the Klim helmets, be sure to try the rest of their range. ChromeBurner also sells their high quality motorcycle gloves and bike apparel.

High stress tests for Klim helmets

The tests got very high standards compared to other brands in the industry. Only if the product is tested positive on all of these standards, the product can be manufactured and brought to the market. The quality measures are refined day by day in order to create the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Why should you buy your Klim Helmets at ChromeBurner?

When you buy your Klim Helmet at ChromeBurner, you benefit from a number of our unique services. We offer worldwide shipping for all orders over. This shipping is really fast, too: all orders placed in time will be shipped on the same day. This way you can enjoy your black Klim Helmet as quickly as possible. On top of our great customer service, we guarantee the lowest prices. This means that, in combination with every month new deals, you never pay too much for your Klim Helmet. Can’t decide which helmet suits you the best? Do not hesitate to send us a message: our specialists are happy to help you with finding the perfect helmet.

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