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Shoei Pinlock CW-1, CNS-1, CWR-1 Clear

Shoei Pinlock CW-1, CNS-1, CWR-1 Clear


Offers a great solution against shield/visor fogging.


Regular Price: 33.37





Pinlock offers a great solution against shield/ visor fogging.The Pinlock original insert is made of a moisture absorbing plastic and because of that you won't get any fog on your visor. The insert has a silicone seal that creates a double shield system.

Clear: This clear insert is now being supplied with the helmet as standard by most helmet manufacturers. This insert offers you clear and fog free vision under normal weather conditions.

Please note: This visor is listed as suitable for the X-Spirit III, but only if you have an X-Spirit III with the CWR-1 visor installed rather than the CWR-F visor!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Shoei
Visor fits GT-Air, GT-Air II, Neotec, Neotec II, X-Spirit II, X-Spirit III