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Motorcycle Helmets

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Motorcycle Helmets

A motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of gear for a safe life on two wheels. At ChromeBurner, we carry a large selection of the best motorcycle helmet brands available.

What kind of motorcycle helmets are there?

With over 15 brands to choose from, and all different helmet types, shapes and sizes, it’s almost impossible to not find your next lid at ChromeBurner. Not yet sure what kind of motorcycle helmet you’re looking for? We’ll list the different types of helmets below to help you out!

Full face helmets: By default, this is the safest type of motorcycle helmet thanks to the integrated chin bar. Most full face helmets have a face shield to protect your eyes from the wind, rain and dust. Usually aimed at sport and touring riders or those who prefer to spend their time on the track or ride sporty.

Modular helmets: With a chin bar that flips up, modular motorcycle helmets are perfect for touring riders looking for a bit more versatility. Usually equipped with many creature comforts like an internal sun visor and prepared for Bluetooth communication systems as well.

Off-road helmets: If you prefer dirt over tarmac, an off-road helmet is the way to go. The peak/visor blocks annoying sun light and protects you from branches and roost from the rider in front of you. A pair of MX goggles fit nicely into the large eyeport of these helmets.

Jet helmets: Also called ¾ helmets or open face helmets, jet helmets do not have a chin bar. It’s a compromise with regards to protection, but they are a must have if you’re into choppers, cruisers or cafe racers. Beware of the fact that some jet helmets have removable chin pieces but still are jet helmets due to international legislation.

Replica helmets: Don’t worry, these are genuine brand motorcycle helmets as well! Replica helmets sport designs from your favorite MotoGP, WorldSBK and MXGP riders. Show your support and get yourself one of these!

How often should you replace your motorcycle helmet?

As strong as you think a helmet might be, the helmet will soften up over time. Helmets have to bear the burning sun, heavy rainfall, wind and also sweat from the inside will ‘hurt’ the helmet over time. Besides the usage, a helmet has an expiration date. From the moment the helmet leaves the manufacturer the clock starts ticking. The material the helmet is made of determines the maximum number of years a helmet has life in it. After the date expires there is no guarantee that the helmet will protect your head during a crash or fall! We advise our customers to replace a helmet every five years to guarantee the ability to absorb impacts. Speaking of impacts: Always, always replace a helmet when there has been any form of impact! Even when it simply fell of your motorcycle or you dropped it. Even if the outer shell doesn’t show any damage, the inner shell will have had to absorb the impact and will not perform the same anymore in the future.

The maintenance of your helmet

With good maintenance you’ll keep your helmet in tip top condition! Both inside and out.

The outside of your helmet

For the outside goes: keep it clean! We recommend to clean your helmet after every ride to prevent that you have to use a jackhammer to remove all the bugs and dirt. Just a wet microfiber cloth or kitchen towel will do the job if you clean your helmet regularly. Put this over your helmet and let it sit for 2-3 minutes and you easily wipe the bugs off. When bugs and dirt still won’t come off you can use products like helmet- and visor cleaners that can do this for you. Never use aggressive cleaning agents or detergents!

The inside of your helmet

Sweat and the use of hair product can cause a smelly inner lining of your helmet, but you shouldn’t worry as for most helmets, the interior can be removed and washed! Take it out and wash by hand and let it dry naturally.

Keep your helmet safe!

But a helmet is supposed to save me, right? Yes, but only if you take good care of your helmet it will! How you treat your helmet is up to you, we only can give you some advice. For example, think about where you place your helmet at home and when you take a break during a ride. At home we recommend to place your helmet on a spot where the risk of falling is the lowest. Put your helmet on a secure spot like on top of your closet or on a special helmet stand. Outside it’s best to put your helmet as low as possible, on the ground for example. Often we see motorcycle riders put their helmet over their mirrors. Please don’t… The edges of the mirror can damage the interior or visor and you would definitely not be the first one to suddenly see their helmet slide off the mirror, onto the ground.

Ordering at ChromeBurner

We’re motorcycle helmet addicts ourselves so we get you! That’s why we take 360°-pictures of all the helmets we sell to make sure you can see the complete design of your new lid from every angle. We offer free worldwide shipping for all orders over US $300 and we ship within 24 hours after receiving your order. Still not sure about something? Our gear geeks are ready to answer any question you might have. Give them a call at +1 646 770 1993 or shoot them an email at [email protected]