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The benchmark in protection, comfort and durability!


Regular Price: $314.46


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Regular Price: $314.46


The Held Titan Evo is the way to go if you want the ultimate of everything in a glove. Ultimate protection thanks to stingray leather, titanium and TPU protection and DuPont™ KEVLAR® lining. Ultimate comfort thanks to kangaroo leather, crease-free palm, special step seams and elasticated panels. Held has a name to uphold when it comes to motorcycle gloves and trust us when we say the Titan Evo really does come as advertised. Simply put; it's incredible. Period.



The Held Titan Evo glove doesn't need much introduction but for those who are not yet familiar with these state of the art pieces of hand protection, we will try to make you understand what makes these gloves so amazing. Here goes!

The Held Titan Evo's outer shell is completely constructed from highly abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is tougher than cowhide which means they can decrease the thickness, resulting in amazing comfort and feel on the handle bars while still offering great levels of protection. To bump up the protection even more, all the critical areas have been reinforced with heavy duty materials. It's quite a lot, so try to keep up! You will find titanium knuckle protectors, molded in TPU for optimal impact protection. The same materials have been used to protect your wrist. DuPont™ KEVLAR® lining on the back of the hand ensure the best possible protection against abrasion. On the ball of the thumb and back of the hand you will find SUPROTECT® shock-absorbing foam. On the side of the hand and on the base of the thumb there are two carbon fiber sliders. In between those sliders, there is a large patch of stingray leather. That's right, freaking stingray leather. This material is extremely abrasion-resistant and upon impact with tarmac, will instantly let your hands slide down the road without any binding. It does all this without compromising wearing comfort and freedom of movement. Stingray leather patches are also applied to the finger joints. Last but not least, the final safety feature is a finger bridge to connect the ring- and pinkie finger to avoid finger separation during a crash. It's no surprise that because of all these safety features the Held Titan Evo is completely certified to the norm EN 13594:2015, a high demanding standard for motorcycle gloves.

All of this protection comes together in a glove that is extremely comfortable to wear. The kangaroo leather speaks for itself, but Held has also strategically placed elasticated stretch panels on the back, thumb and fingers. The palm is pre-formed and free of creases and the special step seams avoid pressure points. The Titan Evo literally feels like a second piece of skin covering your hands.

Special Features

  • Materials: Full-grain kangaroo leather chassis
  • Protection:Titanium + TPU knuckle and wrist protection
  • Protection:Stingray leather, carbon fiber sliders
  • Liner: DuPont™ KEVLAR® lining, SUPROTECT® foam
  • Ventilation: Perforated fingers, air scoops on knuckle protector
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Held
Main Color Red
Sub Colors Blue, White
Waterproof No
Gender Men