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A vintage vibe with a premium finish


Regular Price: $366.92


If you're looking for a helmet to go with a cafe racer or vintage racing bike, the Nexx X.G100R is the way to go! Constructed from only premium and state of the art materials. The X-Matrix multi composite fiber shell ensures great protection yet keeps the weight down. The face shield is beautifully finished and comes with an anti-fog lens as well.



The Nexx X.G100R is the perfect companion for riders rocking a cafe racer or vintage racing bike. The X.G100R totally nails it when it comes to looks and style! On a technical point though, it's nothing but premium. Constructed from X-Matrix material, which is a multi composite fiber shell with fiber glass, 3D organic fibers, aramid fibers and even carbon reinforcements to ensure great protection and low weight. It comes in two shell sizes (XS-M and L-XXL) to keep the size down as well.

The X.G100R is based on the X.G100, with the addition of a face shield. This face shield is probably our favorite part of this helmet. It just screams durability and craftsmanship. The pivot hardware is spun aluminium and looks amazing and the visor closes with a solid and confidence inspiring thud like we never heard before. Sometimes it's the small things! The visor comes with an anti-fog lens as well.

The interior is soft and plush and looks the part too with its distinct brown color. It's moisture wicking and anti-microbial and of course fully removable and washable.

Special features

  • Shell:X-Matrix multi composite fiber
  • Visor:Face shield with anti-fog lens
  • Retention:Double D ring
  • Interior:Removable and washable.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand NEXX
Helmet Type X.G100R
Main Color Green
Sub Colors Black, Gold
Finish Gloss
Double-D Chinstrap Yes
Sun Visor No
Homologation ECE 22.05
Shell Material Carbon, Aramid, Fibreglass