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Carve Master GTX
Dainese Carve Master GTX Nero Castle Rock Rosso Textile Motorcycle Jacket
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360 Dainese Carve Master GTX Nero Castle Rock Rosso Textile Motorcycle Jacket Dainese Carve Master GTX Nero Castle Rock Rosso Textile Motorcycle Jacket Dainese Carve Master GTX Nero Castle Rock Rosso Textile Motorcycle Jacket Dainese Carve Master GTX Nero Castle Rock Rosso Textile Motorcycle Jacket Dainese Carve Master GTX Nero Castle Rock Rosso Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Dainese Carve Master GTX Nero Castle Rock Rosso Textile Motorcycle Jacket


This tour jacket will keep you dry even during heavy rain. The Gore-Tex material makes this one a durable yet elegant looking jacket!

Material Polyester
Waterproof membrane Gore-Tex laminate
Ventilation Ventilation zippers
Protection Elbow, Shoulder

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Many riders prefer leather over textile, but why? Textile motorcycle gear has evolved a lot over the last decade, and it shows. Textile jackets often look just as good as their leather counterparts, and usually feature a waterproof liner that not only keeps you dry, but also keeps you ventilated and prevents you from sweating. The Dainese Carve Master GTX is one of those jackets you just can't ignore if you are an avid touring rider who is looking for a jacket that can fulfill all your riding needs.

Product Information

Dainese’s Carve Master jacket is possibly one of the best touring jackets available today. Mugello fabric is the base material of choice in the design of this jacket. Not only is this slightly elastic nylon fabric abrasion resistant, it was given a water-resistant treatment as well. Now we come to think of it, the water-resistant treatment might have been a water-repellent overkill taking into account that the patented Gore-Tex membrane is laminated to the inside of this Carve Master jacket. Gore-Tex is a patented Teflon fabric that has got over 1.4 billion pores per square centimeter. It lets moisture escape while keeping water-droplets out, therefore being a breathable fabric. Additionally Dainese reinforced the Carve Master’s high stress areas with leather inserts and placed stretch fabric panels on strategic places on the jacket. Not to mention the removable thermal liner that keeps you warm during cold winter days. What would a riding jacket be however without protectors? Not your jacket probably. That is why Dainese integrated a number of innovative protective features into the design of this jacket that you’ll hopefully never have to rely on. The Italian motor gear manufacturer started out by placing EN 1621.1 certified composite protectors on the shoulders and elbows. They added to this pockets for the G1 and G2 protectors(not included) and finished it all off with reflective inserts. Multiply these with the protective properties of the used Mugello fabric and you find the formula for a highly regarded touring jacket. A three season riding jacket isn’t easily nominated for the title of ultimate touring jacket, it has to offer a lot in terms of wearing comfort as well. Intake vents on the chest and extractors on the back of Carve Master enable you to keep your head cool while riding. 4 outside pockets of which 2 are waterproof and 1 pocket on the removable thermal liner allow you to take half a shipload of your belongings with you. The jacket-pants fastening system allows this jacket to be zipped to almost any other pair of Dainese riding pants, which in its turn minimizes air penetration while providing you with one-piece riding suit protection. We believe we gotten the message across that this riding jacket is very very complete. It is nearly impossible to list all of its features in this piece of text, that is why we invite you to go over the rest of them here:

Special Features

  • Protection: Thermoformed shoulders and removable composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standards
  • Material:textile and cowhide leather inserts
  • Ergonomics: External fabric with water-resistant treatment, front and rear air vents and removable thermal liner
  • Adjustability: Wrist adjustment, drawstring adjustable jacket bottom, jacket-trousers fastening system
  • Pockets: Pocket for G1 and G2 back protectors, four outside pockets, two waterproof outside pockets, waterproof pocket on strip, pocket on removable liner
Дополнительная информация

Дополнительная информация

Бренды Dainese
Серии курток Carve Master GTX
Material Polyester
Ventilation Ventilation zippers
Waterproof membrane Gore-Tex laminate
Protection Elbow, Shoulder
Detachable lining Thermal
Основной цвет Чёрный
Дополнительные цвета Красный, Серый
Riding Style Adventure/Touring
Clothing Type Jackets
Пол Мужской
Hump Нет
Лето/зима 4 Season
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