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In 1972, Lino Dainese had a vision to bring top-quality Italian motorcycle gear to the masses. He founded Dainese SpA and, being “Inspired by Humans,” never looked back. Their first product was leather pants designed for motocross, quickly followed by leather pants for street racing. To this day, they specialize in innovative protective gear for motorcycling, downhill skiing and mountain biking. As the company has continued to grow in popularity among both casual riders and professionals, they have become leaders in protection and comfort. One of their subsidiaries, AGV Helmets, produces some of the safest and most comfortable helmets on the market today. With both off-the-shelf and custom-made products, Dainese caters to all sorts of riders.

Dainese riders
Different professional riders throughout the world wear Dainese pants, jackets and other gear exclusively. World-renowned racer Giacomo Agostini, 15-time world champion, has been wearing Dainese gear since 1976. In addition, they sponsor current racers like Max Biaggi, Nick Hayden and Valentino Rossi. These racers spurred much of the innovation now found both in Dainese gear and other gear from some of the other top manufacturers around the world.
In the 1970s, Dainese collaborated with Barry Sheene to develop the first back protector, a piece of motorgear that is now used by nearly every rider for spine protection. In addition, Dainese tested knee sliders for the first time in the 1980s; at the same time, they developed the first gloves designed solely for motorcycle racing. Later in the decade, sponsored riders tested shock-absorbing technology and the world’s first boots created exclusively for racing.

Commitment to Safety
In 1993, Dainese founded their Safety Program, called D-TEC. Staffed by technicians, engineers and doctors, this research and development center has often led the world in new innovations. Dr. Costa’s Mobile Clinic, called the D-Mobile, often travels to tracks all over the globe to investigate and record issues and problems riders had. Then, after developing a solution, they revisit the tracks to test them. As the years progressed, Dainese often was the first to adopt new technologies, like Kevlar and carbon fiber, into its gear. Even today, Dainese strives for increased safety features in everything it creates, including an innovative airbag system(D-Air) that detects and protects a rider in the event of a crash and that was developed with feedback from Valentino Rossi himself. Who says safe gear is uncomfortable? In 2002, Dainese released a revolutionary new back protector that was fully ventilated. The breathability and comfort of their leather jackets has only increased through the years. For those who think safety is stiff or comfort is flimsy, Dainese jackets say otherwise. And their many sponsored racing champions prove it.