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Motorcycle jeans

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Items 1 to 20 of 139 total

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Motorcycle jeans are the way to go when you want to look casual but still want to be fully protected.

Why go for motorcycle jeans?

Some riders prefer a leather suit, others don’t because it can quite be a hassle to put it on. Definitely if you are going for a quick ride or commuting. That is one of the reasons motorcycle jeans are becoming more and more popular under motorcyclists. There is also a lot more to choose from over the years. The fashion trends we see today with normal denim jeans are being used as inspiration for the motorcycle denim jeans. Stretch fabric, tapered fit or cargo variants are now introduced in the motorcycle clothing industry. Style and safety go hand in hand with motorcycle jeans. Another benefit of motorcycle jeans is the breathability on warmer days!

Are motorcycle jeans strong enough?

Generally denim riding jeans are very comfortable, which makes you sit comfortably on your bike. That is already one thing that makes motorcycle jeans a little bit safer. Apart from that, the fabric these pants are made from are extremely tough. Most jeans have a Kevlar inner lining which makes these jeans unrippable during a slide down the tarmac. Some jeans are partly lined with Kevlar on the most critical parts of the body: on your booty, upper thighs and knees. The, in theory, weak parts like the seams for example are being reinforced with kevlar to make sure they don’t rip. Most motorcycle jeans come with protection out of the box. Preferring better or more protection? No worries, there is always the possibility to upgrade the protection!Knee protection or hip protection can be added into the pants when it does not come with it..

Different kind of motorcycle jeans at ChromeBurner

We have a wide range of different kinds of motorcycle jeans. It all depends on your needs: what is your style and what do you like? Is blue your favorite color or is it green? Legging or pockets? The options are endless. Discover the rider jeans of different brands to see what they are offering and what matches your style! Are you having trouble finding your perfect pair of motorcycle jeans? Do not hesitate to give us a call on +1 646 770 1993 or send us an email with your question to support@chromeburner.com and our gear geeks will happily answer all of your questions!