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Drive connected

Sena is one biggest manufacturers of Bluetooth communication systems for motorcysclists. They are known for the easy interface, good sound and reliability. As no other, Sena understands that a good Bluetooth communication system can give a whole other dimension to your driving experience. Enjoy your favorite music, listen to you GPS instructions, answer phone calls and tell your buddies to keep up. With a Sena system, driving will never be the same.

Sena offers a wide range of products, when you want a device with basic functionalities, the 10R might be interesting for you. A bit more functionalities? Than the 10S will be the one for you. With the high-end model named 20S you can connect up to 8 drivers in total, with a range of 2.0 km (3.2 miles). It doesn't matter which model you choose, it will always add value to your motor driving experience.