Mirjam Pol Baja Oeste PortugalMirjam Pol Baja Oeste Portugal


Mirjam wins Baja Oeste Portugal 2022


First World Championship points are a fact

The final day of the Baja Oeste Portugal 2022 went well for Mirjam, although she did make one mistake by riding in the wrong direction. According to Mirjam it was because an opponent had broken through the line, so she didn't know which way to go. Fortunately she found out after one minute that she was not driving the right way, so the damage from this mistake was limited.

1st Mirjam Pol1st Mirjam Pol
Mirjam Pol EnduroMirjam Pol Enduro

Good speed

While exploring the route, it soon became clear to Mirjam that it was a treacherous course. The warm weather, stony and dusty ground meant there was little grip. During the race, however, this turned out not to be so bad. This was partly because Mirjam used traction control. This made the bike more quiet and easier to control. Mirjam: ''Until the fuel stop it went well, the route really suited me, I liked riding it and the pace was good. At the neutralization, I noticed that the rider behind me in the standings had caught up with me and I could not allow that. So I stepped it up a gear and that paid off, because I didn't see him again.

Very happy

Mirjam says she is very happy. She is very happy with both her bike and physical condition at the beginning of the season. She believes that it can only get better during the season. She is also very happy and grateful for all the help she gets from Henkjan Somsen (partner). With the win in Baja Oeste Portugal Mirjam manages to get her first World Cup point for the FIM Bajas World Cup of 2022.These are the next 2 bajas on the schedule.

  • Hungarian Baja in Várpalota - 4-7 August
  • Dubai International Baja (final race) in Dubai - 1 to 3 December
Mirjam Pol EnduroMirjam Pol Enduro