The best new helmets for 2022

The new motorcycle season is just around the corner and therefore we have made a special selection from our range of the latest helmets. In this blog you can read more about different riding styles and what new helmets suit them well. This way we make it easy for you to choose the helmet you want!


Schuberth C5

When you're om the motorcycle for a long time, a comfortable helmet is no luxury. Fortunately, there have been introduced some seriously nice helmets in 2022 that take our adventure/touring segment to the next level.

Schuberth's newcomer, the C5, is a seriously good modular helmet and once again provides that classic premium quality feel that Schuberth has been known for. This helmet builds on the immensely popular C3 Pro and even manages to surpass its performance. Schuberth of course cannot stay behind and launches is the new C5 with ECE 22.06 certification, this means that it meets the latest safety requirements, and that the C5 P/J is homologated. So you can legally drive it in both the open and closed position. As you have come to expect from Schuberth, the C5 features a comfortable interior and the fit is just great. But this year Schuberth is going a step further and introduced the "Individual Concept". this means that you get the opportunity to buy extra 'top padding' which allows you to customize the fit even better. In short, this C5 is really a very competent helmet. It is relatively light, very quiet, prepared for the new SC2 communication system and with its excellent fityou can wear it for many comfortable miles to come.

Nexx X.WRL

For people who prefer to get off the beaten path, Nexx has introduced a serious offroad helmet this year: the X.WRL. The X.WRL (Wild Rally) is not only about a robust appearance, it is actually prepared for serious offroad rides. The shell is made of carbon and is therefore super light. The helmet can be worn in combination with a neck brace, thanks to the typical cutouts at the bottom. The X.WRL is equipped with a peak extendor, actioncam holder, an X-hydro system that allows you to easily use your camelbak and there is a strap holder on the back of the helmet so your goggles are secure. The Nexx does not only distinguish itself off-road, but also on road it is very comfortable! There are few helmets that perform as well on the road as they do off it, but the X.WRL is definitely one of them! The visor can be placed back on the helmet in a jiffy, and the Air Dynamic System provides the helmet with plenty of ventilation. And as icing on the cake, an additional iridium red/orange visor is included as standard!


ChromeBurner has added a new brand that perfectly suits the Chopper/Retro riding style, namely from the Italian helmet brand Premier , which opened its doors in 1956. The Premier Vintage collection have a classic look , however, these helmets offers plenty of comfort and safety features we have come used to. Through the particularly compact outer shell extremely comfortable and perfectly in proportion to the head. The sun visor of the Vintage fits well, thus turbulence is excluded. The edge of the visor does not interfere with your field of vision. The designs of Premier bring back the real old school style in our assortment. A helmet of this brand will complete your Retro outfit.


As a motocross rider, you ride on loose ground and make the highest jumps and run a high risk of a fall every now and then. Because of this, it is important that your equipment protects you properly and the most important part is of course your helmet. Within our newcomers there are 2 models that excel in this area.

The new FLY Racing Formula Carbon is made entirely of the material carbon. This makes this helmet super light and ideal for the Motocross/Enduro riders. Also, this helmet is equipped with the modern Rheon technology. With this system, the rotational forces that occur during a fall are greatly reduced making it less stressful for your head or neck. The FLY Racing Formula Carbon can be compared to the Airoh Aviator 3 and is therefore in the absolute top segment.

Do you want or can you spend a little less? The LS2 MX700 Subverter is also highly recommended! This is unique in its price range because there are no less than 3 different shell sizes to keep the size and weight as low as possible and also in terms of ventilation, the MX700 really stands out. Finally, you will also find emergency quick-release cheek pads which is also certainly not standard in this price range. Despite this helmet being made of the material polycarbonate, it is quite light in its kind: the weight of this helmet is namely 1300g. In short, this helmet offers a lot of quality for this price range and we highly recommend it!


The Race/Sport riding style includes the true sporty riders. They like speed and aerodynamic performance. Two new helmets have arrived that can live up to this.

The Suomy TX-Pro fits perfectly into the Race/Sport category because of its aerodynamic shell. This is a variation of Suomy's top model, the SR-GP. It was widely used in the MotoGP. The new Suomy TX-Pro has a similar look and is more accessible for road use. Safety is important with a helmet, which is why this helmet is equipped with a double-D buckle and Emergency cheek pads. This system allows the cheek pads to be removed from the helmet in one motion, making it easy to remove the helmet from the head in an emergency. This helmet is functional and good value for money.

This HJC RPHA 1 is a true MotoGP helmet. About 3 years ago this helmet was already seen in the GP but unfortunately not yet on the market. Finally this helmet is on the market and available for you. Many riders ride with this helmet in the MotoGP, including for example Pol Espargaro. Fun fact: The HJC RPHA 1 is also unique in its kind because this is the only helmet on the market that is available in a graphic with Red Bull logo. Also, this helmet has both a FIM and ECE 22.06 approval, which means it passes the two toughest approvals in the world! With this light and aerodynamic helmet you are ready to set the fastest time.


Anyone who doesn't necessarily want to explore the Silk Road or improve their time on the ''Circuito de Jerez'' should have a look at our urban/street collection. And here too, we have found some gems in the 2022 collection.

After years of success, Nolan has finally introduced the successor to the polycarbonate N87 full-face helmet: the Nolan N80-8, Like its predecessor, we expect this iteration to be a real homerun. It is a comfortable, versatile helmet that can add value for practically anyone.

The helmet offers, among other things, an emergency release system , pinlock, and sun visor. The fact that it is available in no less than 42 different designs also speaks for the versatility of this helmet. In short, there is something for everyone.

Scorpion launches this year the new Exo-491, the successor of the Exo-490. Scorpion has taken a number of features from the more expensive Exo-510 to the Exo-491, making it great value for money. This is a well-developed full-face helmet for both beginners and advanced riders. The Exo-491 boosts the ECE 22.06 certificate making it a full spec worthy budget entry!