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Cardo Packtalk Slim JBL Duo Bluetooth
£27239 £43011
Cardo Packtalk Neo Dual Pack
£35121 £48746
Cardo Packtalk Neo Single Pack
£19350 £26521
Cardo Freecom 2X Duo Bluetooth
£20787 £30107
Cardo Freecom 4X Duo Bluetooth
£25736 £37275
Cardo Freecom-X/Spirit 2ND Helmet Kit JBL
£8596 £9317
Cardo 32MM Speakerset
Cardo 40mm HD Speakers
Cardo Freecom/Spirit 2nd Helmet Kit
Cardo Refreshment Kit Packtalk and Freecom
Cardo Packtalk Slim JBL Bluetooth
£15051 £24371
Cardo Freecom 2X Single Bluetooth
£11399 £15769
Cardo Spirit HD Duo Bluetooth
£14979 £21862
Cardo Freecom 4X Single Bluetooth
£14335 £20069
Cardo Packtalk Edge Honda Single Pack
£20718 £29389
Cardo Packtalk Edge Dual Pack
£38637 £52331
Cardo Spirit HD Single Bluetooth
£8312 £11467
Cardo Spirit Single Bluetooth
£6090 £7883
Cardo Spirit Duo Bluetooth
£10682 £15051
Cardo Freecom 1/2/4 Clamp
Cardo Microphone (Set) Hybrid + Corded Sho-1/Packtalk/Smartpack/Smarth/Freecom 1-2-4
Cardo Freecom 1 Plus DUO Bluetooth
£12113 £18636
Cardo Freecom 1/2/4 Adhesive Mount
Cardo Packtalk Bold Black Edition Single Pack Bluetooth
£20787 £27955
Cardo Audio kit Freecom 1/2/4
Cardo Packtalk Headphone
£8237 £9317
Cardo Packtalk Bold – Spare Unit Only
Cardo Packtalk 2ND Helmet JBL Kit
£8316 £9317
Cardo Packtalk Edge 2nd helmet kit
£8596 £9317
Cardo Packtalk Bold / JBL + 2nd Helmet kit
£25737 £28604
Cardo Packtalk Edge KTM Single Pack
£20718 £29389
Cardo 40mm JBL Speakers
Cardo Packtalk Adhesive Mount
Cardo Packtalk Bold JBL Duo Bluetooth
£30038 £43011
Cardo Packtalk Bold JBL Bluetooth
£17062 £24371
Cardo JBL 45mm Speakers
£6090 £7165

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When did Cardo start making communication systems?

Cardo was established in 2003, They were making Bluetooth headpieces with in house developed wind-suppressing technology for cellphones, a fairly new and exciting technology at the time. As avid riders themselves it did not take long to connect the dots, and a year after the creation of the company, they started development of of the worlds first ever motorcycle headset. In 2004 The Scala Rider legend was born, This device revolutionized the way in which you could communicate with other riders and passengers, but not only that, it let you interact with your devices such as GPS and mobile Phone in ways never imagined before. Understanding the huge potential they just tapped into they changed course and focused solely on making motorcycle communication sets ever since. Years, and many models later we are now talking about Cardo Systems, Inc. located in Pittsburgh, PA. It has become a universally recognized name and arguably the world's market leader in wireless communication systems. It is because of Cardo and their Scala Rider legend that practically all helmet manufacturers such as Scorpion, AGV and Nolan prepare most of their helmets for a communication set.

What sets Cardo apart?

Cardo never stopped innovating and many of their innovations simply have become the industry standard. Cardo for example was the first to introduce, Music Sharing, 1+8 Intercom and most recently Natural Language control. All these features are adapted by the competition and you will now find them across most Bluetooth devices on the market. One of Cardo’s most important developments in the last few years is DMC technology, This technology is truly different because it goes beyond Bluetooth. Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) allows you to (re)connect up to 15 riders with no hassles, no time wasted, and no worries. Don't worry, as much as they innovate and develop, it does not mean they only sell products in the top market segment. No matter what kind of rider you are, or what your budget is for that matter, there is always a Cardo for you. The Cardo line-up includes solid quality entry level devices all the way up to high end communication and entertainment systems.

For who is a Cardo Suited?

A Cardo comset is one of your best companions for those who love to travel by bike. Therefore, most adventure/touring helmets are prepared for Cardo comsets. This is similarly true for everyday commuters and it should be no problem installing your helmet in any new full face- or Modular street helmets. In fact a communication set is always a good idea for every motorcyclist! Cardo stands for innovative and quality products. They provide universal communication sets which you can install on practically all helmets. No matter the type of rider you are, or which device you get from Cardo’s current line op you can always count on its quality. When you buy a Cardo you are ensured of IP67 Waterproofing, crisp sound with their JBL audio speakers, great battery life and overall longevity.

Not quite sure which Cardo to get? Contact our customer service at support@chromeburner.com or give them a call at 073 200 80 20. They are happy to help you out!