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What you should know about LS2

What started as a home business in the ’90s grew out to be one of the leading helmet manufacturers in the world. Having produced helmet components for other brands before. The company behind LS2, MHR, wanted to sell helmets directly to consumers. In 2007, the first LS2 helmet was introduced. With their expertise, experience and focus on research & development, LS2 is developing products that can be adapted to every potential user.

Why should I buy an LS2 helmet?

Development is the main guideline for LS2, they are always improving their helmets. A lot of energy is invested in analyzing all the details of the structural strength, shells, linings, comfort, ventilation systems and aerodynamics. Their aim is to provide every rider with optimal comfort, quality and style.

What LS2 products does ChromeBurner sell?

Just like LS2, we want to provide every rider with a helmet that suits their needs. That’s why we offer helmets for every riding style, from Adventure and Touring to Motocross and Enduro. Besides the different helmets from LS2, we offer replacement parts, like visors. So you can further personalize your helmet to your wants and needs.

Buying LS2 at ChromeBurner

Besides the extensive range of LS2 helmets and helmet accessories we have, we offer LS2 products at the cheapest prices. You always get the best deal through our lowest price guarantee. And it doesn’t matter where you order from, we’ll make sure your new LS2 helmet will get delivered swiftly. If you have any questions or need some advice on LS2, don’t hesitate to contact our motorcycle gear experts at [email protected] or +1 646 770 1993.

Spend £130 and we pay for shipping!