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Motorcycle clothing for the summer

The summer has started! The ideal time to take a motorcycle ride, right? When you go out on a hot day with a motorcycle suit on, there's a good chance you'll turn into a riding sauna. It is therefore very tempting to open up your jacket or leave your motorcycle outfit at home and head out in regular jeans and a T-shirt. Especially if you are only going to ride a short distance. However, riding with an open jacket is very uncomfortable because the jacket will flap at high speeds. Also, the jacket no longer offers optimal protection in case of a fall, because the jacket does not stay tight around your body, causing the protectors to move. In this blog, we discuss the possibilities for motorcycle summer clothing, so you can be safe and comfortable on the road this summer.

What should you look for while choosing summer motorcycle clothing?

When selecting a summer motorcycle jacket, it is important to look at the color of the jacket. For example, dark motorcycle clothing will heat up faster than light-colored clothing. This is because dark colors absorb light and light colors reflect sunlight. It is also important to check if your clothing has enough ventilation zippers, so you can air through without unzipping your jacket. We also recommend you to choose a textile motorcycle jacket, because they are generally thinner and often equipped with more ventilation options. Another feature of textile jackets and pants is that they are equipped with mesh. Mesh is a textile with an open structure that allows for optimal airflow within the motorcycle jacket. Mesh also allows the moist air created by perspiration to be actively expelled.

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Base layersBase layers

Why base layers?

When you think of undergarments you probably think of the thermal underwear that keeps you warm during cold conditions. However, there are also other types of undergarments that each have their own properties. For example, there are cooling base layers that have moisture regulating and breathable properties. So when you wear the right summer underwear, it will ensure that your perspiration is removed and your body stays cool. The right underwear also prevents unpleasant odors from penetrating your clothing and prevents you from sticking to your motorcycle clothing due to perspiration on hot days.

Why ventilated motorcycle clothing?

Ventilated motorcycle jackets and pants are perfect for hot summer days or motorcycle trips to warm destinations. The blow-through motorcycle jackets or pants are usually made of durable textile or leather combined with a perforated material, so the wind can easily blow through the jacket. The perforated material gives you maximum cooling without having to compromise on safety. Some ventilated jackets are also equipped with a removable waterproof membrane or a thin thermal lining so that the jackets can also be used in slightly colder conditions. Most of the breathable clothing is available in lighter colors, which means it absorbs less sunlight and becomes less warm. Are you a fair-weather rider or do you just get warm quickly, then a windproof jacket might be the solution!

Cooling vestCooling vest

What is a cooling vest?

On extremely hot days, the riding wind often does not provide enough cooling against the burning sun. Fortunately, there is another solution for enjoying motorcycling on a beautiful summer's day, namely by wearing a cooling vest! A cooling vest, as the name suggests, cools the body. A cooling vest cools between 5 and 15 degrees relative to the ambient temperature. A cooling vest is therefore the ideal solution if a jacket is too warm, but you still want to be protected while riding. There are several types of cooling vests available, each suitable for different conditions. One of the most common cooling vests for motorcyclists is the cooling vest which has a cooling effect on the body through evaporation. This cooling vest is lightweight and easy to use. The cooling vest can be filled with cold water at the back. The riding wind in combination with the water ensure that the Macna Dry Evo can cool up to 15 degrees for up to 3 days!

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