Shoei NXR2

Even better, more refined and more functional!

This is what makes us happy: the new Shoei NXR2! The first generation was a helmet which in our eyes was already one of the better ones available. With the NXR2 Shoei has the long awaited successor of the most successful Shoei helmet.

Completely new

The Shoei NXR2 has been completely revised, which means a new design, more comfort, more safety and therefore the helmet is more widely applicable than its predecessor. The subject has been developed in the modern wind tunnels of Shoei, in order to become more aerodynamic and to create less 'drag'. An additional advantage is the reduction of wind noise around the helmet while riding.


For starters, the helmet is lightweight and comes in four different outer shells to ensure the helmet is never larger than it needs to be. The removable and washable cheek pads come in different thicknesses to ensure the right fit.
Furthermore, the NXR2 has cutouts for a communication system.

To provide your head with the necessary cooling when you're popping over the winding dyke roads, this helmet offers precisely six openings at the front and four at the back to drain hot air.


The NXR2 is equipped with AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix+) and offers particularly good impact protection. Different materials are used to be both strong and elastic, so that impact can be absorbed as much as possible.
The EPS lining has varying densities so that there is exactly the right amount of protection everywhere on your head.

The Shoei NXR2 has a double-D closing and is equipped with the CWR-F2 visor with a wide field of vision and is also pinlock prepared. The emergency quick release system ensures that emergency services can work quickly and efficiently.

The NXR2 will come in awesome plain, candy & graphic variants.
These are some of our favorites!

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